Philadelphia Airport Long Term Parking

Long Term Parking Near Philadelphia Airport

When it comes to long term parking near Philadelphia Airport, you probably think about safety and security. However, you may not think about it as much as you should. While Philadelphia Airport’s long-term parking lot is secure, it might not be as secure as you think. Before you choose a place for PHL parking, think about some of the situations that could occur.


One of the most common things that occurs to vehicles left unattended for long periods of time is damage. If someone notices your car is simply sitting idle, they may take the opportunity to do some damage to it. This could include damage to the body, wheels, windows, windshield, headlights, taillights, interior, and more. Whether you’re away on business or pleasure, we know no one wants to come back to a damaged car – especially if it was parked in an uninsured lot.


Vehicle break-ins happen more often than you think, and while any vehicle is susceptible, older vehicles tend to be targeted the most. Break-ins not only damage the car, but they could also result in the theft of anything inside. This includes money, speakers, GPS devices, entertainment systems, firearms, laptops, personal items, and more. While you’ll never have to worry about a break-in when you park with our Philadelphia Airport long-term parking company, we always advise our customers to never leave valuable items in their vehicle.


We know the absolute last thing you want is to come home from your business trip or vacation and find that your vehicle has disappeared. Your car is important to you; if it goes missing, how will you get home or to your hotel? More importantly, will you be able to find it? Disappearances are worst-case scenarios, however, they sometimes happen in the Philadelphia area.

When you opt for long-term parking near Philadelphia Airport at Winner, we’ll make sure that none of these situations happens to your car. We keep all of our vehicles in a secure lot. It’s surrounded by a strong, sturdy fencing system that forms a protective barrier. We also keep our lot lit by lots of bright lights so that we can easily see everything going on. In addition, we’ve installed a state-of-the-art surveillance system that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to monitor any and all activity. We also make sure that our staff members patrol our entire lot by foot to make sure no suspicious activity is occurring.

When you park with us, you can be sure you’ve chosen a safe, secure parking spot for Philadelphia Airport long-term parking. Have any questions? Feel free to give us a call or contact us!