7 Reasons to Apply for TSA PreCheck

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Do you fly often? Maybe you take a lot of business trips for work or maybe you just love traveling the world. No matter the reason, many frequent flyers are enrolling in the TSA PreCheck program. The application is simple and if you’re approved, you could enjoy a faster, more convenient airport experience. Here are seven reasons our Philadelphia Airport parking company thinks applying is worth it.

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12 Places You Need to See Before They Disappear

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Climate change, urban development, and even oil are threatening many of the world’s beautiful destinations. If you haven’t yet planned a big trip for this year, take a look at your travel bucket list and if any of the following 12 places are on it, we urge you to consider visiting one of the many destinations that may not be around in the next few decades.

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PHL Celebrates 20 Years of Its Exhibitions Program

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Over the years, the Philadelphia International Airport has become more than just a beginning or end point for travelers – it has become a cultural and artistic focal point. In its latest press release, PHL discusses its Exhibitions Program and how it’s evolved over the past 20 years.

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Hard Suitcases vs. Soft Suitcases

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Over the past several years, hard shell suitcases have become a popular choice amongst travelers, but is the latest fad worth a try over traditional soft suitcases? Here, our PHL Airport parking company explores the pros and cons of each luggage type.

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The Latest Airline Consumer Report from the DoT

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Every year, the Department of Transportation releases an annualĀ Air Travel Consumer ReportĀ that explores several different airlines and categories of performance. Here, our Philly Airport parking company focused on the top 12 U.S. airlines in the report and broke out each category into a list of best-to-worst performances.

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