The Latest Airline Consumer Report from the DoT

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Every year, the Department of Transportation releases an annualĀ Air Travel Consumer ReportĀ that explores several different airlines and categories of performance. Here, our Philly Airport parking company focused on the top 12 U.S. airlines in the report and broke out each category into a list of best-to-worst performances.

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Why It May Soon Be Easier (and Cheaper) to Travel to Brazil

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Brazil is a wonderful place to visit – from the stunning beaches to the lively nightlife to the local cuisine and more, it’s well worth a trip south. And if you’ve always wanted to go, you’re in luck! In this New York Times article, Ernesto Londono shares the news that a visa opportunity may allow Americans, Canadians, Australians, and the Japanese to take a trip to Brazil for less. Check it out.

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A Look at Three New Domestic Airlines

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There are plenty of benefits when new airlines take to the skies: more route options, lower flight prices, fewer overbookings, and more. With that logic, travelers should be happy to hear that there are three new airlines slated to service the U.S. – World Airways, California Pacific Airlines, and USGlobal Airways. Here are some more details our PHL Airport parking company has learned about each.

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A New Airport Yoga Studio Helping Travelers Stay Healthy

If you travel often, you know that staying fit can be a challenge. From excursions to conference calls to late nights and more, it can be tough to stay on track with your workouts. Enter a new company that’s launching yoga studios in airports: Yoga on the Fly.

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Frontier Is Adding a New Route to PHL

Last week, Frontier Airlines announced that it will be adding another non-stop flight to its itinerary at Philadelphia International Airport. Beginning in February 2018, Frontier will offer a direct flight from PHL to Charleston, South Carolina (CHS), which continues the budget airline’s expansion in Philadelphia.

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