What Happens When You Flush an Airplane Toilet?

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Using the bathroom on an airplane can be a bit odd – from the tight quarters to the movement of the plane to the loud “whoosh” when you flush, it’s all too different from using a bathroom on solid ground. But have you ever wondered how an airplane toilet works and what actually happens when you flush it? Our PHL Airport parking company explains.

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The Best Unsolved Plane Mysteries

It’s Halloween! And what better to write about than unsolved mysteries? Here are some of the plane mysteries our PHL Airport parking company finds interesting and memorable.

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What Makes Boeing’s Dreamliner So Special?

By the time Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner plane was unveiled, it had more orders (from launch to roll-out) than any previous wide-body plane. It is one of the most advanced mid-size commercial passenger jets of its age, created to replace Boeing’s 767 airliner.

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8 Germ-Filled Areas on Planes (And How to Avoid Them)

Every day, thousands of people board and de-board the planes of major airlines and every day, millions of germs are transferred from those people to various surfaces on the plane. In this blog, our PHL Airport parking company lists eight of the most germ-filled areas on a plane and what you can do to avoid picking up those germs.

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10 Great Accomplishments in the History of Aviation

Without the development of modern aviation, we wouldn’t be able to visit long-distance family or jet-set off to Hawaii for a last-minute vacation. So in honor of National Aviation Day, our PHL parking members thought we would present to you 10 great accomplishments in the history of aviation.

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