5 Popular Car Repairs

car repair

At Winner Airport Parking, we offer car maintenance alongside our valet PHL parking options. We’re affiliated with the Maaco of the Philadelphia Auto Mall, so we can have your car repaired away. No matter what you need done, we can help. Here are 5 of the most common car repairs:

1. Battery

Car batteries should be replaced every 3-5 years, which means you may go through a significant number of batteries during your car’s lifetime. Replacing a battery is one of the most common car repairs and usually simple and quick to do. You can tell your battery is going bad by taking a voltage reading (under 12 volts means you need to replace it), if your car has trouble starting, or if you turn your headlights on (while the car is off) and notice them dim or turn off after about 10 minutes.

2. Brakes

How often you need to replace your brakes all depends on how much you use them. Most brake pads need to be replaced every 40,000 miles, but if you’re someone who likes to stop and go constantly or someone who likes to drive fast, you may need to replace them sooner. When brake pads are worn, you’ll hear a squealing sound as you apply brake pressure. Be sure to replace them quickly because if you don’t, it could lead to more serious problems (and expenses).

3. Tires

Just like brakes, how often you replace your tires can depend on how you drive. If you constantly burn the rubber off of your tires by braking hard or hitting the gas quickly, you’ll put more wear on your tires. Driving long distances will also lessen the lifespan of your tires. In order to make your tires last, rotate them every 5,000 miles. This gives the tires that get more use (usually the ones in the front) a break for awhile.

4. Oxygen Sensors

Many times when your “check engine” light comes on, it has something to do with your oxygen sensor, which detects the amount of unburned oxygen in your car’s exhaust. Most of the time these sensors rust to death, but sometimes they can stop working if you use leaded fuel or if they’re exposed to too much moisture. If you own a domestic or Japanese car, it shouldn’t cost you much to replace your sensors.

5. Electrical Systems

Electrical systems usually include issues like lamp bulbs, blown fuses, spark plugs, and other common occurrences, but can also include more serious issues like your alternator or broken wires. The good news is that car mechanics can easily detect electrical problems and fix them.

If you’d like our experts to perform maintenance on your car, let us know when you book your PHL parking reservation.