What Goes on During a Pennsylvania Inspection?


PA inspectionEvery year, you take your car to your mechanic to have it inspected, but have you ever wondered exactly what they do during the inspection? Here are some of the main items on their checklist:


After your mechanic reviews your title, registration, and proof of insurance, they inspect your license plate to make sure it’s well-lit and secure, then they inspect your windows and windshield to make sure there are no cracks or stickers that obstruct your view.

After that, your wiper blades, doors, and mirrors are inspected to make sure they operate properly.

Then, your bumpers are checked for stability and your lights and blinkers will be checked to make sure they are aimed right and they work correctly.


Your steering column and steering wheel are checked to make sure that they turn your wheels properly and after that, your horn is tested to make sure it makes a sound.

Then, your brakes pads will be looked at and your mechanic will make sure they have an acceptable amount of pad left on them. In addition, your brake pedal shouldn’t travel more than 80% of the furthest it can travel (unless it was designed to do so).

After that, your safety features like your parking brake and your seatbelts are tested and inspected.

Under the Hood

After the hood itself is inspected, your mechanic checks for leaks including fuel, exhaust, brakes, and more. Your battery and your emission control system are also checked.

Under the Vehicle

All four of your tires should have more than 2/32-inch of tread on them and should not have any blow-out patches. Your shocks and coil springs are also checked along with your axles and the frame as a whole.

Your mechanic checks your exhaust system, muffler, brakes and calipers, and then finally, takes your vehicle out on the road to make sure it drives properly and your gauges are working.

Save Some Time!

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