8 Habits of Annoying Plane Passengers

Traveling may be exciting, but flying can be stressful – especially if you have to deal with annoying plane passengers. Our PHL Airport parking staff members have had their fair share of these situations and we feel these are some of the most annoying:

Early Overhead Bin

These are the passengers who get on an airplane and immediately choose an overhead bin at the front of the plane to store their stuff. Not only are they taking someone else’s designated space, but they’ll hold up the rest of the passengers once the de-planing process begins.

Smelly Food

Nothing is worse than sitting next to (or even just near) someone who’s brought something odorous to eat. Whether it’s a tuna sandwich, egg salad, or fish sticks, having to endure the smell of foods like these can feel like an eternity.

Child Negligence

If you’ve ever been on a flight with a crying baby, you know how frustrating it can be to concentrate on anything else. But have you ever been on a flight with a crying baby and the baby’s parents simply don’t at least try to quiet him/her down? That may be even worse.

Loud Talking

Minus the white noise of the engines, airplanes are relatively quiet. However, all of that can be disrupted by someone who just doesn’t understand how to keep their conversation quiet. Loud talkers make it hard to read, sleep, listen to music, or sometimes even think.

The Lean

Whether it’s someone who fell asleep and is now leaning towards your shoulder or someone who simply doesn’t understand the idea of personal space, the passengers who consistently lean towards you can really get under your skin.

Immediate Cell Phone Usage

We understand that once you land, you’re likely going to want to get in contact with someone to let them know you’re there. However, those who immediately get on their cell phone and start calling and yapping to their friends can be pretty annoying – especially during red-eye flights when everyone is still tired.

Boarding Out of Turn

There’s a reason you have a group and/or number on your boarding pass and it’s something you should stick to. You’ve probably experienced the passengers who line up out of turn in order to try to get onto the place quicker.

Bare Feet

These passengers seem to think a crowded flight is the perfect time to air out their feet and many times, have little regard for those around them. While some feet may be harmless, there’s always the chance you’ll get stuck next to an odorous pair.