Not Taking a Vacation Is Costing Money

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The United States is one of the few countries in the world that doesn’t legally require its workers to take vacation days. Instead, it’s up to employers to offer them, and while many employers do offer paid time off, plenty of people simply don’t use it – and it’s costing them money.

In a recent study by OfficeTeam (a specialized staffing firm), it shows that one-third of U.S. workers don’t take their vacation days and that in the last 40 years, 2013 was the year we took the least amount of vacation time. These unused days are paid for, which means they add up to more than $52 billion in time-off benefits that’s never used.

In addition to $52 billion, it’s estimated that around $284 billion is what would be spent by these people if they did go on vacation, and that $284 billion could actually go back into our economy every year and help us straighten things out. So overall, there’s a loss of around $336 billion annually – just on vacation days.

So why would so many Americans essentially work for free? One reason is because they’re afraid. Many people think that if they take their vacation days, they’ll be look at as expendable and may lose their jobs. Another reason is because workers hope they’ll get a promotion, and yet another reason is because no one else can do the job they have.

However, these reasons all seem a little silly because in another study by the U.S. Travel Association, it shows that people who don’t take their vacation days are actually less likely to move up in the workplace. So that means by not booking a nice relaxing weekend away somewhere, you’re actually hurting your chances of that promotion you’ve wanted… and you’re wasting money.

The moral of the story? If you’re given vacation days, use them! And if the next vacation you plan happens to start at Philadelphia Airport, give our Philadelphia Airport long-term parking company a call. We’ll not only save you money, but we’ll drive you to the airport in the comfort of your own car!