PHL’s Waste Watcher Award

recycleThe Philadelphia International Airport has been working hard to “go green” and reduce its carbon footprint. Recently, the airport added another environmental accomplishment by winning the Pennsylvania Waste Watcher Award from the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania.

About the Award

Each year, the Waste Watcher Award is given to an organization that makes an effort to recycle, compost, and reduce waste throughout the year. PHL was chosen because of its initiatives to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills and its encouragement to recycle. The airport even held events on Earth Day and America Recycles Day to promote recycling.

In a press release from PHL, airport CEO Mark Gale says, “We are proud of our commitment to reducing the airport’s environmental footprint and our successful green initiatives, especially in recycling.”

About the Organization

Made up of recycling professionals, the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania is a nonprofit association dedicated to “promoting and enhancing the interests of recycling, recycling programs, composting, and composting programs in Pennsylvania through education, information exchange, technical support, applied research, and coordination of recycling industry initiatives.” The organization’s goal is to help spread useful recycling information and programs between public and private professionals.

Last year, PHL recycled 397 tons of materials and generated 93 tons of recycled material. The airport is also working on a hydration station idea that would let people throw out or refill their plastic water bottles at security checkpoints.

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