Windowless Airplanes May Be in Our Future…

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Are you a traveler who usually chooses the window seat on an airplane? Many people do this so they can look out the window and watch the world beneath them, however, Emirates Airlines based in Dubai recently said airplane windows may soon be a thing of the past. Here, our Philly Airport parking company shares an article from USA Today’s Ben Mutzabaugh about the idea.

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A Look at Three New Domestic Airlines

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There are plenty of benefits when new airlines take to the skies: more route options, lower flight prices, fewer overbookings, and more. With that logic, travelers should be happy to hear that there are three new airlines slated to service the U.S. – World Airways, California Pacific Airlines, and USGlobal Airways. Here are some more details our PHL Airport parking company has learned about each.

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The Best Unsolved Plane Mysteries

It’s Halloween! And what better to write about than unsolved mysteries? Here are some of the plane mysteries our PHL Airport parking company finds interesting and memorable.

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Would You Ever Take One of the Longest Flights in the World?

If you’ve ever been on a long flight, you’ve probably gone a little stir-crazy and have wanted to ask the flight attendant “Are we there yet?”. But have you ever been on a flight that’s over half a day long? Would you ever take one? Here are the longest flights in the world from our PHL parking company.

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40 Celebrities Who Can (Legally) Fly a Plane

Many people out there dream of getting their pilot’s license, but it takes more time and money than you may think… When it comes to celebrities, however, a pilot’s license is a relatively easy thing to get – and many have done it. In fact, here are 38 actors, music artists, athletes, and political figures who can legally fly a plane.

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