10 Great Travel Apps

travel apps

These days, it’s easier than ever to plan your perfect vacation. With so many different phone and computer apps to help you navigate, translate, plan, book, and learn, you can make the most out of any trip – and for just a few bucks (if not free). Check out some of the best travel apps our PHL Airport parking members have found:

Google Flights

The Google Flights app lets you search for round-trip and one-way flights, along with multi-city flights. Once you find one, it will let you know if the price is cheaper on another day, so you can compare. Then, you’ll link to a second website in order to make the purchase (where you can seeĀ theirĀ price for the flight – which means you’ll get two opinions before you buy.)


If you’re heading somewhere with a very different climate, knowing the weather will be a big help. With WeatherPro, you can search through over two million locations worldwide and find everything you could ever need (like cloud formations, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, and more.)


Whether you’re looking for a hotel, a flight, or a rental car, Orbitz will let you scope one out and book it. They also offer a price guarantee, so if someone books the same reservation as you for less money, you’ll pay what they paid.


If you’ve ever experienced that panicky moment when you need cash and have no idea where to get it, Pin Pin is for you. This app is an ATM finder with a database of over 220 countries, so you won’t have to worry about washing dishes in order to pay for your cash-only dinner.

Google Translate

If you’re heading to a foreign country where you won’t be able to speak the language, you’ll need some help from a translator. With Google Translate, you can quickly type in the words you read and translate them into one of over 57 languages. It also has a feature that lets you speak the phrase you want to translate instead of type it.


Evernote is great for business travelers – it lets you organize notes, emails, clips from the Internet, images, documents, excel spreadsheets, and more. You can even synchronize all of your information to your computer.

XE Currency

Heading to another country with a different form of currency? With XE Currency, you can calculate and convert more than 180 world currencies as well as follow up-to-date currency news and live foreign exchange rates. You can also set up email alerts for currency rates and bank interest rates.


Download Gogobot and when you’re looking for something to do, it will give you suggestions like activities, dining options, outdoor events, shopping, attractions, and more. You can create your own itinerary within the app and if you end up in a different area, it’s easy to change your plans.

Packing Pro

Packing is a major part of any trip, and it can be hard to figure out what exactly to bring. With Packing Pro, you can create a personalized list of what you need to pack, then check things off as you complete them. You can work from a sample list or build your own. It also has an alert feature that can remind you what time your flight is or to water your plants before you go.

Wi-Fi Finder

With the high prices of data and roaming charges, you’re probably going to want to find a wi-fi network to use while you’re on your trip. With Wi-Fi Finder, you can search for the nearest available hotspot and download a map of directions on how to get there.