10 Tips to Make Your Next Cruise Even Better

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If you’ve been a cruiser for awhile, you’ve likely learned the tricks of the trade. However, if you’ve never been on a cruise or if you’ve only taken a few, there are still some things you may not know that can make your next cruise even better. Here, our PHL Airport parking company shares:

Order More Food

When you’re dining in the dining room, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one appetizer or one entree – you can order as many as you want! So next time you cruise, don’t be afraid to order something you’ve always wanted to try or a second dessert to go.

Take a Chance on Sold-Out Tickets

Popular shows can sell out quickly on cruise ships, so if you don’t get tickets early, you may think you’re out of luck. However, there’s a chance you can still score tickets. Many people reserve tickets and don’t actually go to the show, so if you get in line prior to showtime, you may be able to get a seat that wasn’t taken.

Expand Your Outlet Options

There are usually just a few outlets in a cruise cabin room, which means you may not be able to plug in all of your electronics or appliances at once. Expanding your options is easy, though – simply bring along an adapter that increases your number of outlets and you’ll be able to plug in your phone, tablet, curling iron, and more.

Save Your Wine

If you’re a wine drinker, it’s often more affordable to buy a bottle than to buy a couple glasses. However, at many places, you have to finish the bottle before you go. At most cruise ship restaurants, you can have the waiter mark your bottle with your cabin number and you can save it for another night.

Make Reservations on Certain Nights

There are usually a plethora of restaurants to choose from if you don’t want to dine in the main dining room and some cruise lines actually offer discounts if you book a reservation with one of them on the first night of your cruise. Before you board, find out if this is an option and you’ll be able to experience one of the restaurants for less.

In addition, if you’re interested in one of the restaurants aboard but don’t want to miss out on the specials in the main dining area, head to the purser’s desk and ask what the menu looks like for the week. This way, you can make a reservation at a restaurant on a night the main dining area doesn’t have something you like.

Walk a Few Blocks

After you reach your destination and disembark, you’ll likely find taxis to take you to where you want to go. However, if you walk a few blocks and then flag down a taxi, you’ll get a better deal.

Don’t Lose Your Casino Card

When you go to the casino, you usually use your room card to play the games and keeping track of it can be tough when you’re caught up in the excitement. To make sure you don’t lose it, have one of the casino staff members punch a hole in your card and attach a lanyard for you.

Get There the Night Before

Cruise ships will leave whether you’re on board or not, so why risk having a delayed or canceled flight or car trouble the day of your trip? Give yourself some peace of mind and get to your departure destination a day early. Many nearby hotels that are affiliated with the cruise line will offer free parking and even a free shuttle to the ship.

Buy Souvenirs When There’s a Sale

Many people will head to the gift shop during the first day or two they’re aboard the ship to buy their souvenirs, however, if you wait, you’ll likely find things on sale. Stop by the gift shop each day to price out the items you want to buy – most times, the gift shop will put stuff on sale towards the end of the trip.

Push Your Beds Together

If you’re cruising with a significant other and your cabin room has two separate beds, you can ask one of the staff members to push them together. They’ll make up the bed like it’s a single one and it’ll be just as comfortable.