14 Great Travel Accessories for Men and Women


Traveling is hectic in itself, from booking your flight to getting to your hotel to planning your activities and more. But if you pack the right travel accessories, you can make things a little easier. Here are some favorites from our PHL Airport parking travelers:

For Men

Wireless Headphones

No trip is complete without a set of headphones, and having ones without wires makes the trip that much easier. You won’t have to worry about tangles or reach.

Filtered Water Bottle

With a filtered water bottle, you’ll never have to worry about finding bottled water – simply fill the water bottle with any sort of tap water and the filter will make sure it’s clean to drink.

Resistance Bands

If you’re an avid fan of fitness and don’t want to let a business trip or vacation interrupt your routine, buy a set of resistance bands that you can pack in your suitcase. You can use these virtually anywhere to get a quick workout.

A Good Garment Bag

When it comes to things like suits, there’s no good way to pack them in your luggage. Instead, invest in a compact garment bag that lets you easily transport your “delicate” clothing.

Packable Slippers

Nothing says “home” like a good pair of slippers. There are several companies that make the comfortable house shoes in an easy-to-pack variety so you can fit them in any suitcase.

Accessories Pouch

With a versatile accessories pouch, you’ll have a place for everything – from your razor to your phone charger to your toothpaste and more.

Disposable Grill

Great for tailgating, camping, and pretty much anywhere, disposable grills can be lit with just one match and used for cooking your favorite hot dogs or burgers. When you’re done, simply recycle it!

For Women

A Good Toiletry/Cosmetic Bag

Instead of having a bag for your cosmetics, a bag for your hair products, and a bag for your toiletries, why not keep everything together? Look for a fold-up hanging toiletry bag that can fit it all.

Jewelry Organizer

How many times have you gone to put on a necklace, only to discover it’s completely tangled with three others? A compact jewelry organizer can change all of that.

Padded Bottle Bag

A padded bottle bag comes in especially handy if you want to pick up a bottle of wine as a souvenir. The bag protects the glass bottle while it’s in your luggage for safe traveling.

Packable Rain Boots

Have you ever been on a rainy vacation and wish you had your favorite pair of rain boots? Check out the several companies that make rain boots that collapse to easily fit in your luggage.

Travel-Sized Hair Styling Tools

Packing a full-sized straightener, curling iron, and blow dryer can not only take up space, they can add a significant amount of weight to your luggage. Look for these items in travel sizes.

Shoe Bags

No one wants the dirty bottoms of their shoes touching the rest of their clothing (especially if you just went hiking or to the beach). Pack a few shoe bags and keep your shoes separate from the rest of your belongings.

Universal Outlet Adapter

If you’re traveling overseas, you’ll probably run into electrical outlets that don’t fit your American appliances. With a universal outlet adapter, you won’t have to worry about that.