6 Ways to Travel on a Budget

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Traveling often costs a good amount of money, but if you’re willing to venture out of the ordinary, there are ways to see the world on a small budget. Take some advice from our PHL Airport parking members and customers and try one of these ideas:

House Sitting

All around the world, there are people who are looking for a house sitter – someone to watch over their home while they’re away. If you volunteer, you’ll usually get to stay in the house for free, which can save you a boatload of hotel money. Check out websites like MindMyHouse.com, Housecarers.com, or TrustedHousesitters.com to find a house that needs “sitting.”

Overseas Jobs

If you’re really not attached to your job in your home country, look for a job overseas and you’ll get to see other parts of the world for free. Try applying for a position on a cruise ship or as a flight attendant. You could even look for tour guide positions or a job as a hostel worker.


When you travel, you probably do most of your eating at restaurants. Cook your own meals, however, and you could save a boatload of money. Look for a hotel with a mini kitchen, or if you don’t have access to a stove, buy ingredients to make salads or sandwiches.

Couch Sleeping

Websites like GlobalFreeloaders.com bring travelers together by creating online communities where you can meet people from other cities and crash on their extra couch, futon, air mattress, etc. This approach lets you make new friends in cities you may be unfamiliar with and lets you save money on hotel costs.

Travel Credit Cards

If you love to travel and already use a credit card, try opening one that can earn you flyer miles or hotel stays. Many cards let you rack up points whenever you use it and redeem them or airfare, hotels, car rentals, and more.


There are always travel contests or drawings going on around the Internet. Enter one and you just might win the chance to see another country for free or little cost. Check out websites that often give away travel packages like the Travel Channel, Travel Onion, or Conde Nast Traveler.