A Holiday Travel Guide

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With Thanksgiving next week and Christmas right around the corner, millions of people will be flying during the holidays. Our PHL Airport parking members put together a travel guide to get you through the chaos.

Airport Arrival

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of the year, so keep in mind that getting to the airport might take longer, security lines will be longer, and the airport itself will be crowded. Because of this, make sure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare. If you have a domestic flight, arrive at least two hours early. For an international flight, arrive at least three hours early.

Missed/Delayed Flights

If you miss your flight, it’s possible you’ll have to wait several days to get on another flight. Airlines will automatically book you on the next flight, but because so many people are flying during that time, there may not be any seat availability. That means you may miss spending Thanksgiving or Christmas with your family, so do your best not to be late for your flight.

If you can’t get a decent next flight, call the airline directly. At the same time, get in line to speak to a customer service rep. If you get through on the phone, you can get out of line – and vice versa. You can also try calling the airline’s overseas number if their local line is busy.


If you don’t like the seats you have on your flight, try checking the airline’s website during the five days leading up to your departure. These are the days that airlines will bump fliers up to First Class, which means their Coach seats will be available. You can also set up alerts through expertflyer.com, which will notify you when window or aisle seats become available.


No matter where you’re going, pack a sweater with you in your carry-on. There’s not much you can do to control the temperature of the plane cabin, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Also pack an extra change of clothes, underwear, socks, and a few toiletries. That way, if your luggage gets lost, you’ll have what you need.

Before your luggage is checked, make sure your tag has your name, destination, and flight number. For extra caution, include a copy of your flight itinerary and your cell phone number in the front pocket. Also – try using luggage that is easily recognizable so you can spend less time looking for it in baggage claim.

Road Trips

If you’re traveling via vehicle instead of flight, remember that food and gas prices can be marked up during the holiday (especially at areas near the highway), so pack your own snacks and keep these things in mind to get the best gas mileage:

** Keep your tires inflated to the right pressure

** Replace your spark plugs prior to the trip

** Use cruise control on the highway

** Avoid fast accelerations and hard braking

Remember – no matter where you’re flying to, you can trust our PHL Airport parking company to take good care of your car while you’re gone. Make a reservation today for our lowest parking rates!