Airline Offerings You Probably Didn’t Know About

airline offerings

These days, it may seem like airlines are doing all they can to charge you extra fees and hidden costs, but there are some that offer a few services to can make up for it. From entertainment options to food at your convenience, here are a few airline offerings you probably didn’t know about:

Baggage Guarantees

Both Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines offer their customers a baggage guarantee. If you check your baggage, the airlines promise that your it will be on the carousel within 20 minutes after you arrive at the gate. If it doesn’t, Alaska Airlines offers you your $25 baggage fee back and Delta offers its frequent fliers 2,500 bonus miles.

Food/Drink Benefits

Many airlines only offer food and beverage service at certain times, but Qatar Airways lets its First Class and Business Class passengers eat whenever they want to. They also serve all passengers two hot meals on six-hour flights. Virgin America does something similar and lets its passengers order snacks and beverages at their convenience. JetBlue offers unlimited free snacks while Emirates Airlines offers its Economy passengers free wine and cocktails with their meal.


La Compagnie, the all-business-class airline offers each passenger their own Samsung tablet that they can use to watch TV shows, listen to music, or read a newspaper, E-book, or magazine. Meanwhile, many airlines (including Alaska, American Airlines, Delta, and JetBlue) are beginning to provide streaming video for passengers who own tablets or smartphones. When it comes to kids, Emirates offers “Fly with Me Monsters” – a variety of plush characters that kids can choose from.

Suitcase Delivery

Alaska, American, Delta, JetBlue, and Southwest all use a third party vendor called Bags VIP to offer fliers baggage delivery. Instead of waiting for your baggage at the carousel after you land, you can have it delivered right to your home or hotel door (within 40 miles of the airport) for an extra fee.


Japan’s All Nippon Airways offers its First Class and Business Class customers aromatherapy cards in “Relax” or “Refresh” scents while Canada’s Porter Airlines gives lounge access to every passenger. Southwest offers gate-to-gate wi-fi connectivity for its customers and Hawaiian Airlines makes your food experience more authentic by offering meals and snacks inspired by the island.

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