The Most Affordable Summer Months for Popular European Cities: Part 1

Save More on Your Summer Vacation

Summertime is a great time to visit Europe and if you’ve always wanted to head to somewhere like Berlin, Edinburgh, Stockholm, or another popular European city, here are the best times to go:


When to Go: August

While other capitals shut down during the month of August, Berlin stays very much alive with festivals, museums, monuments, shops and markets, delicious cuisine, and more. Head to the German capital with friends or family and you’ll find plenty to do.


When to Go: July

Summer prices are at their peak in June, so head to this Swedish city in July and get lost in the huge cafe culture. Stockholm is great for solo travelers who love curling up with a good book, lounging on the beach, or strolling through a beautiful garden.


When to Go: August

As one of the European cities that is lower in popularity, Lisbon, Portugal is consistently considered a great budget pick. June runs a little higher in prices so head there in August and you can discover the wide world of Portugal design, beaches, cultural attractions, and more.


When to Go: June

Edinburgh hosts a variety of festivals during August, which means travelers from all over the world will be flocking to the city at that time. Head to the Scottish capital in June to enjoy fewer crowds as well as lower prices on flights and hotels without sacrificing exciting things to do.


When to Go: August

Even though prices are cheapest in August, they’re only 3% higher in June and July, so Barcelona, Spain is a great city to visit virtually all summer long. Make friends with the creative locals, explore the wide world of architecture, or simply take in the delicious wine and food scene.


When to Go: July

Bruges, Belgium may not be the most popular city on the list, but it’s arguably the most charming. With a number of quaint rivers running through the city and gorgeous 13th-century architecture, you’ll feel like you’ve set foot directly into a fairy tale. Book your stay in July for the best experience.


When to Go: August

From a 1,700-acre enclosed park to the Guinness headquarters to Irish festivals and more, there’s something for everyone in Ireland’s capital. Head there in August during the fall and you’ll enjoy mild temperatures as you discover the city’s unique culture, architecture, and cuisine.

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