How to Have a Stress-Free Summer Family Vacation

summer family vacation

Planning a family vacation for this summer? Our Philadelphia Airport long-term parking company knows that traveling with children can be stressful, so we’ve made a list of easy ways to make your vacation a little less nerve-racking:

Get There Early

Whether it’s to the airport, to a museum, to the beach, or any other destination, do yourself a favor and get there early. Long lines can make people (especially children) anxious and impatient, and if you can beat the crowd, you’ll have a much more enjoyable time.

Make Lists

You’re never going to remember every little detail for your trip, so make lists and reference them. Make a list of things to pack, a list of spots to eat, a list snacks for the kids, and more. It never hurts to have something in writing.

Pack a Change of Clothes

If you’re checking baggage, make sure each member of your family packs a change of clothes in their carry-on along with toiletry essentials like a toothbrush and deodorant. Millions of pieces of luggage are lost or delayed every year and if this happens to you, you don’t want to be stuck wearing the same clothes or not brushing your teeth for days on end.

Bring Entertainment

Small children tend to lose interest in things quickly, so bring something you know will keep them entertained if need be. Try coloring books, iPads/tablets, books, small toys, Play-Doh, etc.

Look for Family-Oriented Events

No matter where you go, you’re bound to find events that the whole family can enjoy. Focus on family-friendly areas and ask about specials or packages to get the best family experience.

Keep Calm

Whether it’s a lost┬áreservation, a missed flight, a tantrum, or another situation, something is bound to go wrong on your vacation. The best thing you can do is keep calm and be patient. You’ll work things out before you know it.

Stay Outside the City

If you’re headed to a major city for your vacation, consider┬ástaying in a hotel or vacation home outside of the city. It may be a bit further away to get to the heart of everything, but you’ll save money (often a significant amount) and you’ll likely get better accommodations.

Take Pictures

While taking pictures may not be a stress reliever, you’ll be glad you took them. Pack extra batteries or a battery charger for your camera and a few memory cards for extra storage. You’ll love reliving the memories in the years to come.

Park with Us

Flying can be stressful enough as it is, so if you’re planning on parking at the airport, skip it and head to our Philadelphia Airport long-term parking facility instead. We’ll drive you to the airport in the comfort of your own car, then take care of the parking after that. When you arrive, just call us and we’ll come get you – it’s that easy!