Turn Your Business Trip into a Vacation

PHL parking

At Winner, we see a lot of business travelers take advantage of our PHL parking options (why do you think we created our Executive Club option?), and we’ve come to the conclusion that business trips don’t seem to be very fun. That’s why we’ve put together this little guide on how to kick back a little while you still take care of business.

Visit a Theater

Most business men and women have conferences and meetings during the day, but are free at night. Take advantage of your surroundings and visit a theater. If you’re in New York City, venture to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater – tickets are relatively cheap. In Chicago? Visit the iconic Chicago Theater. Or if you’re in L.A., see a show at The Fountain Theatre.

Add Some Fun to Your Meeting

If you’re planning a lunch or dinner business meeting, research the local restaurants and choose one that looks fun. If your co-workers are sports fans, find a restaurant that’s showing the big game. Or, try a place that features fun drinks and appetizers.

Get to Know a Local

Chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time with your co-workers, but if there’s anyone who knows how to relax and have a good time, it’s a local. Strike up a conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop or the hotel you’re staying at and have them show you a good time around their native area.

Take Your Business Somewhere Scenic

Many times when people are on a business trip, they’ll have workloads they need to complete on their own time – and most do it from the comfort of their hotel room. Step outside the box (literally) and take your business somewhere scenic. Set up your laptop poolside or at a cafe overlooking the city. You’ll relax a little moreĀ and have a great view.

Go On a Museum Tour

Take a break from being the expert and head to a museum to learn some things you didn’t know. If you’re in Portland, head to the oldest art museum in the Pacific Northwest – the Portland Art Museum. Or if you’re in Dallas, check out the Museum of Nature and Science. You’ll get your mind off of your busy work schedule.

Add Some Vacation Days

To really turn your business trip into a vacation, add some vacation days onto your stay. Then, you can kick back and have some time to fully enjoy the area for all it has to offer.

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