How to Survive Work Life After a Vacation

At Winner, we know it’s tough to return to your normal life after a great vacation; the last thing you want to do is give up the fun and relaxation and go back to work. However, there are ways to make it easier, both while you’re on vacation and after you get back:

On Vacation

Choose Experiences

Many people choose to come home with souvenirs from their vacation, but instead of choosing tangible items, try choosing experiences instead. Instead of a t-shirt, go for a horseback ride. Or instead of a framed photo, try some local cuisine. You’ll not only have a great time in the moment, but you’ll have a story to tell afterwards, which can make coming back home a little easier.

Take Pictures

Capture as many moments as you can while you’re on vacation. You’ll not only love the fact that you can relive them once you return, but you’ll love the fact that you can share all of your adventures with your friends and family.


While it may seem counter-intuitive to completely unplug from work, that’s what a vacation is all about. Turn on your “out-of-the-office” email reply, check your cell phone sparingly, and don’t worry so much about what people are doing on social media. The idea of a vacation is to step out of your normal routine and let yourself go for a few days, and being present will re-energize you.

After Vacation

Take a Day to Relax

Take the day after your vacation off before you go back to work. This will give you time to decompress, unpack, do some grocery shopping, and simply unwind from your vacation. Giving yourself a breather before returning to normal life will make reintroducing your daily routine easier.

Get Back to Your Sleep Schedule

If you spent your vacation in a different time zone, your sleep schedule may be a bit out of order. However, it’s important to try to get back on your normal sleep schedule, so head to bed when you normally would – even if it means fighting to stay awake or going to sleep when you’re not tired.

Plan Something Fun

Having just spent a vacation full of fun and interesting activities, you’ll probably be a bit bored back in your normal work life. Extend your vacation a little bit by planning something fun – go see a movie, schedule a manicure, go golfing, or do something else that makes you happy.