Thanksgiving Travel Advice

Thanksgiving travel

One of the busiest travel times of the year is nearly upon us… are you ready? We’ve put together some helpful travel tips to make sure your trip goes as smooth as possible.

Flying with Food

Want to bring your favorite homemade Thanksgiving dish or dessert? You’ll most likely be alright going through airport security, however, your food may require additional screening before you get the go-ahead. There are some foods, however, that are considered liquids and can’t be brought on (unless you only have 3 ounces of them). These include:

  • Cranberry sauce
  • Maple syrup
  • Gravy
  • Salad dressing
  • Salsa
  • Sauces
  • Soups
  • Alcohol
  • Jellies/jams
  • Creamy dips/spreads

Driving Smart

Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) is the busiest travel day for the holiday. Beat the traffic by getting to your destination Tuesday night. Or leave as early as possible Wednesday morning (even if it means 3 a.m.). Also make sure that you have directions from more than one source, just be safe. Plus, a GPS or a good old-fashioned map never hurts in cause you get lost.

Air Travel

If you’re flying this holiday, pack as lightly as possible – you’ll be glad when you don’t have to lug three different suitcases around a packed airport. Air travel is expected to be at its highest since 2007 (more than 3 1/2 million people will be flying), so make sure that you’re early for your flight and be prepared to move slowly through security. Just remember – patience is a virtue.

Preparing for Black Friday

If you plan on doing some early Christmas shopping on Black Friday, make sure you leave enough room in your suitcase for the goods. You may even want to bring a second, smaller suitcase or a duffle bag to make things easier.


You’ll save yourself a lot of time by having paper copies of everything on-hand. Print out your boarding pass, your driving directions, your hotel reservations, and the list of any codes or passwords you may need. If you’re traveling internationally, you may also want to email yourself a copy of everything, along with a photo-copy of your license, passport, and credit cards in case you lose anything.

Emergency Travel

If you’re driving to your destination, pack up an emergency travel kit that includes non-perishable foods (like granola bars or dried fruit), blankets, a mini first-aid kit, and water. Also include a bag of sand or kitty litter (for tire traction in case you get stuck in the snow). It’s always a good idea to be prepared for the worst.

Airport Parking

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