Top 8 Beaches to Visit This Summer


Are you a beach person? Do you head to the same beach every summer for your summer vacation? Make this year different. Our PHL Airport parking company has compiled a list of eight beautiful beaches that are worth a visit:


While Guam may not come to mind when you think of pristine beaches, the Western Pacific island is filled with them. Temperatures are beautiful all year round and visitors can enjoy luxury hotels and five-star resorts as well as cultural events and boutique shopping. Best of all, Guam is a U.S. territory, so you won’t have to worry about speaking another language.


Sicily is home to more than 600 miles of coastline, which makes finding the perfect beach pretty easy. It’s also filled with seaside resorts and plenty of things to do, from hiking to fishing to boat tours and more. Best of all, the area is surrounded by ancient Greek and Roman architecture, vineyards, and delicious cuisine.

St. John

While touristy, this Caribbean island is still a serene gem filled with beautiful. lush scenery and plenty of aquamarine waters. Every year, visitors head to Cinnamon Bay, Honeymoon Beach, Trunk Bay, and more to enjoy coral reefs, snorkeling, and simply kicking back and soaking up the sun.

San Diego

Want to stay in the United States? Head to San Diego for a great beach vacation. With a laid-back culture, plenty of surfing opportunities, and a different atmosphere at every beach, it’s easy to find an area to enjoy. Especially when the California city’s scenery is bursting with dramatic cliffs, exotic coves, and towering palm trees.

The Philippines

While the Philippines are in Asia, most of the islands actually speak English, making it a convenient destination. With more than 7,000 to choose from, you can find soft, white sand beaches, towering limestone cliffs, beautiful turquoise waters, and a mix of indigenous and European culture.


If seclusion is what you’re looking for, Antigua is the place to go. With 365 islands, you’ll rarely find more than a handful of tourists at any of them and you’ll never run out of beaches to explore or beautiful scenery to take in. And, for even more seclusion, there’s always Antigua’s undeveloped sister island, Barbuda.


Head down to this South American country and you’ll find popular beaches like Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana, and Ipanema, but you’ll also find lesser-known beaches like Fernando de Noronah, Jericoacoara, and Ilha Grande. Each is beautiful in its own way, but all of them have plenty of white sand and turquoise waters to offer.


This island in French Polynesia is actually home to two beaches (Temae and Teavaro) that, while right next to each other, are distinctly different. While Temae has shallow waters and reefs that are good for snorkeling, Teavaro has deeper waters that are good for surfing. Both boast breathtaking green waters and white sand and are surrounded by rocky, green cliffs that make for beautiful scenery.