8 Things to Make Your Next Flight Even Better

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Some people love to fly. Others don’t. No matter which category you’re in, there are always ways to make your flight more comfortable and convenient. Here, our Philly Airport parking company shares some of our favorite items that can make your next trip even better:

Neck Pillow

If you don’t already have a neck pillow, invest in one. They’re relatively cheap and easy to travel with and best of all, they make sleeping on the plane¬†much¬†easier.

Disinfecting Wipes

It’s no secret that there are germs all over planes – from the tray tables to the seat belts to the bathroom handles and more. Avoid getting sick by carrying disinfecting wipes with you and wipe down frequently touched surfaces.

Collapsible Water Bottle

These water bottles can be rolled up and stowed away, making them great for travel. Take your empty one through security and fill it afterwards so you always have water while you’re on the plane.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

While they sound expensive, you can find a decent set of noise-canceling headphones for less than you think. Bring along a pair on your next flight and you’ll discover the sounds of talkative neighbors, crying babies, engine noise, and more virtually disappear.

Compression Socks

Flying has a swelling effect on feet and if you’re someone that this happens to, you know it can be uncomfortable and take your feet hours or even days to get back to normal. The next time you fly, eliminate the swelling with a pair of compression socks.

On-the-go Toothbrushes

No matter how long your flight, you’re bound to have stale breath by the end of it. Do yourself a favor and stash some on-the-go toothbrushes in your purse or carry-on for a refresher.


Portable Charger

Our Philly Airport parking members know: having your phone, tablet, computer, or mp3 player die mid-flight is a terrible feeling. Invest in a portable charger and you’ll never have to worry about losing your work or entertainment.

Rejuvenating Face Masks

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll likely have plans after you land and tired skin can be a bummer. Give yours a refresh with a rejuvenating face mask. There are different kinds available for all skin types.