These Luxury Hotels Are Focusing More on Health

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These days, travelers are focusing more on staying healthy while on vacation or a business trip. While many are fine with getting a workout in at a hotel gym or starting their morning with some yoga in their room, others are looking for a more health-focused hotel experience. Because of this, luxury hotel brands have begun designing specialty rooms for health. Here, our PHL Airport parking company shares some of the newest offerings.

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How to Overcome Travel Anxiety

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While there are many people who simply love to travel, there are also many people who associate travel with anxiety. This anxiety can be specific (such as a fear of flying or a fear of driving) or it can be more of a generalized feeling. No matter the type, anxiety can keep you from experiencing the joy of a getaway and here, our Philly Airport parking company shares some ways you can overcome your travel anxiety.

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What Happens When You Flush an Airplane Toilet?

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Using the bathroom on an airplane can be a bit odd – from the tight quarters to the movement of the plane to the loud “whoosh” when you flush, it’s all too different from using a bathroom on solid ground. But have you ever wondered how an airplane toilet works and what actually happens when you flush it? Our PHL Airport parking company explains.

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8 Things to Make Your Next Flight Even Better

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Some people love to fly. Others don’t. No matter which category you’re in, there are always ways to make your flight more comfortable and convenient. Here, our Philly Airport parking company shares some of our favorite items that can make your next trip even better.

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A New Airport Yoga Studio Helping Travelers Stay Healthy

If you travel often, you know that staying fit can be a challenge. From excursions to conference calls to late nights and more, it can be tough to stay on track with your workouts. Enter a new company that’s launching yoga studios in airports: Yoga on the Fly.

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