The Best Places in the World to Propose

Seeing that it’s Valentine’s Day, our Philly Airport parking company thought it would be fun to dive into the best places in the world to propose. After doing some research, we’ve come up with 15 places that are beautiful, but not obvious (like proposing in front of the Eiffel Tower):

Victoria Falls, Zambia

This majestic waterfall is located between Zambia and Zimbabwe and is considered one of the largest in the world based on its combined width (5,604 feet) and height (354 feet). It’s a scene of both grandeur and romance, making it a great place to propose. Whether you take a private boat cruise, picnic at the foot of the falls, or hike upwards to overlook the falls, you’re bound to get a “yes”.

Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal was built in the 1630s to commemorate emperor Shah Jahan’s favorite wife, so essentially, the huge ivory marble structure was built out of love, making it a fitting place to propose. While many travelers recommend seeing the Taj Mahal at sunrise, we recommend booking a nighttime view during a full moon – the palace takes on a surreal, romantic form.

St. Bart’s, Caribbean Islands

What’s more romantic than turquoise waters and white sand beaches? A proposal from the sky above them. At Flamands Beach in St. Bart’s, you can have workers create a romantic message in the sand, then take a Champagne helicopter ride over the area with your significant other. Once you’re back down on the ground, celebrate with dinner and drinks on the beach.

Noosa River, Australia

Instead of heading to Venice and proposing on a gondola ride (like many), why not head to Queensland, Australia and do it? The turquoise-blue Noosa River gives you beautiful views of the area’s beaches and lush greenery – plus it’ll just be you, your love, and the gondola operator, so you’ll have plenty of alone time in a romantic setting.

Bruges, Belgium

If you’re looking for an idyllic town with medieval architecture, plenty of beautiful stone bridges, and flowing waterways, head to Bruges, Belgium. The fairytale town is straight out of a storybook – especially during the winter when the snow is falling. Head to the small body of water called Minnewater (also known as the “Lake of Love”) to pop the question or get down on one knee in front of one of the area’s many quaint windmills.

Big Sur, California

There are few drives more beautiful than the one on Highway One heating from Carmel to San Simeon, California. The Big Sur is a beautiful meeting of land and water that hugs the coast of the state with breathtaking views of mountains and rugged cliff sides. Nearly any lookout point along the highway is a scenic place to propose.

Sand Quay, Fiji

Fiji is known for its romantic sunsets, sparkling green waters, and world-class diving, but it also boasts an array of private islands. One island in particular, Sand Quay, is surrounded by coral reefs and allows just one couple ferried out per day. Plan a mid-day picnic during a beautiful sunny day and you’ll have the perfect opportunity to pop the question.

Tulum, Mexico

For a mix of romance and history, head to the Yucatan Peninsula. On a grassy clifftop above the Caribbean Sea, you’ll find dramatic Mayan ruins that give you a unique place to propose. Choose to stay up near the ruins or take the stairs to the white sand beach below – either area gives you the perfect setting.