8 Things You Should Bring in Your Carry-On

Planning a getaway? Embarking on a business trip? No matter where you’re headed, there are some things that are essential to bring in your carry-on luggage. Here are some suggestions from our PHL Airport parking members:


Even if your flight is an hour long, you’ll probably want something to do. Bring a music player, magazines, a book, puzzles, a journal, or your laptop to keep yourself busy.

A sweater

You only have so much control over the plane’s temperature (meaning that little vent of air above your head), so bring a sweater just in case the cabin is cold.

An empty water bottle

After you pass through security, you can fill your water bottle up at the nearest water fountain and bring it on the plane with you.


If you don’t like the snacks that the airline offers (or don’t want to spend any money on in-flight items), bring a couple snacks for yourself. Try a granola bar, a piece of fruit, beef jerky, veggies, or nuts.

Items to freshen up

Long flights can make you tired and the plane’s dry air can take the moisture out of your skin, so pack some lotion, deodorant, face wipes, hand sanitizer, chap stick, and mouthwash.

A change of clothing

Keep a change of clothing with you. That way, if your luggage is lost, you’ll at least have some fresh clothes until you can track down your suitcase.

An eye mask

Want to get some shut-eye on your flight? Bring an eye mask – the dark material over your eyes will make it easier to sleep.

Valuable items

If you’re traveling with valuable items, like car keys, a wallet, money, documents, or jewelry, make sure you keep them with you in your carry-on. That way, if your luggage is lost, you won’t have to recover these items.

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