Where to Travel to This August

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August is one of the most popular times to travel – not only are the warm summer days coming to an end, but many families want to squeeze in one last vacation before the school season starts. All of this means many destinations are at their peak season in August, but there are still some places you can go that won’t be filled with tourists or cost an arm and a leg to get to.

Check out one of these destinations for your August trip (just don’t forget to skip the parking at PHL and park with Winner instead!):

Nairobi, Kenya

Love wildlife? Kenya’s cool, dry atmosphere in August is the perfect time to go on a safari. You’ll see wildebeest and zebra migrate through the Maasai Mara National Reserve, and with them come big cats like lions and leopards. In addition, you can likely catch a glimpse of some buffalo, elephants, giraffes, and more.

Detroit, Michigan

With 80-degree days and 65-degree nights, Detroit has beautiful weather in August. After much turmoil, the city is back on the map for tourism, which means affordable airfare and hotels as well as lots of new restaurants and bars. You’ll also find a redesigned riverfront park, a large shopping complex, and aquarium, and a zoo.

Berlin, Germany

While many other cities in Europe slow down in August, Berlin stays very much alive. The city hosts a variety of festivals (including the International Berlin Beer Festival, Dance in August, Holi Festival of Colors, and more) and events for all ages. Despite all of the activity, it’s still relatively affordable to visit Berlin in August.

Portland, Oregon

Portland’s dry, sunny summers are great for enjoying the city’s outdoor activities. Check out one of the many rooftop bars, go boating or floating down the Willamette River, or rent a car and head to one of the dozens of beautiful Gorge hiking trails. Don’t forget to dive into the craft beer and premium coffee scene.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cap off your summer with a unique experience in Amsterdam. The Netherlands’ capital is filled with fun, from weird and wacky museums to cafes of all kinds to kitschy, artsy shops and more. What’s also great is the city is quite bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly, so getting around is a breeze in the beautiful August weather.

The Channel Islands

Looking for a beach getaway that’s out of the ordinary? Plan a trip to the channel islands between Britain and France for a laid-back vibe among champagne-colored beaches and beautiful blue waters. Choose the islands of Jersey or Guernsey for their eccentricity or the smaller islands of Sark or Herm for their charm.

Vancouver, Canada

Just over the border of Washington lies Vancouver, British Columbia and its beautiful, mild August weather. With highs in the mid-70s, the city is a nice escape from the warmer parts of the country and is filled with art galleries, beaches, hiking trails, fresh seafood restaurants, and a unique cocktail culture.

Wherever you head to this August, make your parking reservation with Winner and skip the parking at PHL. We’ll take care of your car while you’re enjoying the last bit of summer.