How to Overcome Travel Anxiety

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While there are many people who simply love to travel, there are also many people who associate travel with anxiety. This anxiety can be specific (such as a fear of flying or a fear of driving) or it can be more of a generalized feeling. No matter the type, anxiety can keep you from experiencing the joy of a getaway and here, our Philly Airport parking company shares some ways you can overcome your travel anxiety:

Plan out Your Trip

Many times, anxiety stems from a fear of not being in control, so do yourself a favor and plan out your trip (or at least the first couple days). Figure out how you’re going to get from the airport to your hotel, where you’re going to have dinner, and what you’re going to do after that. By having a plan, you’ll be in control and may not feel so panicked. You can also plan something specific to do each day to form a routine; try going for an afternoon jog or setting a time to eat lunch.

Face Your Fears

The thought of facing your fears may make you nervous, but leaving your comfort zone is a better way to treat anxiety than avoiding it. This doesn’t mean you have to jump in all at once – start small by figuring out a bus route or talking to a stranger at a bar. The more things you do that are out of your comfort zone, the easier they will be in the future.

Prepare Yourself

The last thing you want to be is stressed out the day before your trip, so do yourself a favor and be as prepared as possible. Make a to-pack list a week or two in advance, ask your neighbor to get your mail while you’re gone, make kennel preparations for your dog, and gather up all of your reservations and tickets beforehand. This way, when it’s time to leave, you’ll feel ready to go and won’t be worrying about details.

Relate to Others

Nearly 20% of the population experiences anxiety and if yours stems from travel, you’re not alone. Find yourself a community of others who also have travel anxiety – whether it’s through a local group or an online forum, hearing other stories and sharing your own can help you remember that there are others who have the same feelings.

Remind Yourself…

If you start to feel panicked while you’re on vacation, remind yourself of several things:

  • Travel is a great way to find yourself
  • There are others who feel the same way
  • Bad luck can be turned into good luck
  • Your experience will make you grow stronger
  • If it gets to be unbearable, you can always go home

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