The Most Beautiful Places to Go to This Fall

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Summer break may be over, but that just means that the best season (at least our PHL Airport parking company thinks it’s the best season) is coming up! If you’re looking for a great fall getaway, Breanna Wilson from Forbes caught up with a variety of travelers to give you the 13 most beautiful places to go this fall. We thought we’d share the article to give you some inspiration:

“Fall. It’s just around the corner.

Which means, we’re once again heading into that magical time of year when temperatures start dropping, nature starts putting on one hell of a show, and flight and hotel prices start easing up, at least a little bit. It’s my secret season for finding deals, escaping crowds and discovering beautiful new destinations around the world. Everyone travels in the summer, but only the most curious of travelers travel in the fall. (Welcome to the club.)

Which is exactly who I asked to give me the destinations they think should be on your radar this fall.

So, meet the 13 coolest, most in-the-know photographers, videographers, travel writers, bloggers and editors and their top picks for the most beautiful places to travel this fall.

Where: Bavaria, Southern Germany

Recommended by: Emmett Sparling, Photographer and Videographer

Why: “Germany has some of the best fall colors I have ever seen. To make things even better, there’s a castle, medieval bridge, or a stunning church around every corner. The combination of these makes Bavaria look like a fairytale.”

Pro Tip: “Rent a car! This is the best way to explore Bavaria. It’s a relatively small place, so everything is an easy drive away (1 – 3 hours max). Google some castles in the area so you can see the coolest ones. Don’t forget your camera!”

Where: Torres del Paine, Chile

Recommended by: Amanda Ho, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Electrify Magazine

Why: “There is a distinct spirit that embodies the region of Patagonia – famed for its rugged terrain, jagged Andean peaks and home to the a few of the largest glaciers in the world, a trip to Torres del Paine in Chile is a humbling and rewarding adventure. Plan your trip for late fall (the fall season is September to the beginning of December) for longer hours of daylight, less wind and warmer temperatures. Since Patagonia is south of the equator, you’ll be heading into Chile’s spring season as the snow melts, animal sightings increase, and the flora and fauna is arguably at its best.”

Pro Tip: “If there is one hike you must do in Torres del Paine, it is to the Mirador Las Torres (Base of the Towers). Though the entire W circuit typically takes 4 or 5 days, you can do the first part of the route in a single day. Prepare for a challenging nine hours ahead as with the trek spanning over 18 km, it will take you around and up to the iconic granite towers that loom over a blue-green glacial pool. The last hour is the most strenuous, but well worth the reward.”

Where: Italy

Recommended by: Aaron Brimhall, Director and Photographer

Why: “I drove from Northern Italy (Tyrol) to Naples in a few days. It was probably one of the most beautiful countries I’ve seen. During fall this country has some amazing greenery and is just a magnificent place all around. Definitely one of my top three places I’ve been to for sure.”

Pro Tip: “I don’t paddle board at all – but we brought an inflatable one to Italy and paddled in Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Definitely recommend. Really fun and such a relaxing thing to do when you’re starring back at city when you’re out in the water or when you’re in a lake in the mountains in South Tyrol.”

Where: Cuzco and Machu Picchu, Peru

Recommended by: Michelle Halpern, Travel Writer and Photographer at LiveLikeitstheWeekend.com

Why: “Cuzco and Machu Picchu in Peru are once-in-a-lifetime destinations that should be on everyone’s bucket lists, but people tend to overlook the North American fall season as an ideal time to visit. Peru sees masses of crowds during the dry season of April to September, but despite higher levels of rainfall, it’s actually much more advantageous to travel in fall when the American and European summer holidays are over and crowds (not to mention prices) have decreased. Other pros of visiting Peru during this time include warmer temperatures and more lush, green vegetation from the increase in rainfall – aka prettier photos!”

Pro Tip: “Before booking your flights, accommodation or anything else for your trip, make sure to lock down the Macchu Picchu portion of your itinerary first. Especially for those interested in one of the multi-day treks or the hike to Huayna Picchu, these experiences can book up months in advance, so saving your spot should be top priority in the trip planning process.”

Where: Greece

Recommended by: Daniel Schwartz, Editor at Fathom

Why: “Greece during the fall is a magical place. Prices drop, crowds thin out, and temperatures stay warm without threatening heat stroke, making it as great a time to scour the streets of Athens in search of the city’s pulse as it is to go swimming off an island in the Aegean and pretend summer never ended. The stuck-in-time towns on the mainland take on a new charm during autumn, when the harvest breathes life into the country’s many wineries, olive groves, and traditional tavernas. It’s another side of Greece entirely, and it’s worth a visit.”

Pro Tip: “For an off-the-beaten track adventure, head to the home of the centaurs — Mount Pelion, a four-hour drive north of Athens. The mythical region has it all: farms, lush golden forests, secluded beaches, and mountain towns straight out of a storybook. Volos, the port city at the base of the mountain, is known for its meze, or small plates, tradition, which comes from Greeks who used to live in Turkey. A tsipourádiko, where Greek tapas accompany rounds of a local grappa-like spirit called tsipouro, is the best place to soak in the atmosphere.”

Where: Southern California

Recommended by: Kiersten Rich, The Blonde Abroad

Why: “While it’s a great destination year-round, California is at her best in the fall months! Southern California has “Indian Summers” meaning we still have warm days (reaching 80 F) through October, less-crowded beaches, and the most incredible sunsets come out in the fall.”

Pro Tip: “Tourism to Southern California drops off in September once schools start back up, so take your trip in late September or early October for the best weather and rates on accommodation!”

Where: Northern Israel’s Mediterranean Coastline

Recommended by: Ross Belfer, Founder of Xhibition PR and Eager Tourist

Why: “Possibly the last frontier of pristine Mediterranean beaches that are not overrun by tourists and built up with an uncompromising hospitality infrastructure. What makes this region so special is the fact that it’s both under-the-radar yet home to spectacular restaurants, wineries, hotels, cultural and natural sites that would appease the senses of the most discerning travelers.”

Pro Tip: “Check out the Malibu-like beaches of Beit Yanai, Michmoret and Arsuf, where massive sand bluffs jettison into the sky and collide with the glistening Mediterranean Sea. For surfers and water enthusiasts, the best time to explore Israel’s Mediterranean coast is the late fall or early winter months, when the temperature is pleasantly balmy while the rest of the northern hemisphere prepares for the winter chill.”

Where: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Recommended by: Joanna Riquett, Founder of Travel Platform Hayo

Why: “This is the time of the year when the cempasuchils (marigolds) cover the streets in a beautiful gold mantle, the weather holds steady at spring temperature during the day with chilly-cuddly nights, and it’s the time when Mexico celebrates one of its biggest holidays: Day of the Dead.”

Pro Tip: “Located 167.7 miles north from Mexico City or a 3.5-hour drive, San Miguel de Allende is a little colonial city known as a magic town for its capacity to offer visitors and locals a magical experience by reasons of traditions, natural beauty, architecture, gastronomy, folklore, arts and craft, and more.

I design travel experiences for a living and I always consider factors like accessibility but uniqueness, comfort and luxury, access to nature, culture and traditions, and the capacity to amaze people, so San Miguel de Allende is a well-rounded place and one of my favorite destinations to bring visitors.

This is also a city that attracts all kinds of creatives so when you visit, you can appreciate a myriad of talented professionals that have chosen it as their creative home base. Make sure to swing by concept store Doce18 to visit Armour Jewelry, Carla Fernandez, and to try the variety of food and beverage they have available. One hour away, in Querétaro, is Fabrica Textiles Hércules, previously a textile factory and now home to multiple artists, brands, and restaurants; here, make sure to visit Caralarga, one of my favorite artisanal brands working with organic materials. And of course, hot air balloon, adventure hikes, horseback riding, temazcal rituals, and hot spring spas are the order of the day.”

Where: Charleston, South Carolina

Recommended by: Tom Marchant, Co-founder of Bespoke Luxury Travel Company Black Tomato and Epic Tomato

Why: “While the summer months are undeniably dreamy, Charleston in the fall is pure magic – as the leaves turn, this only adds to this colonial city’s charm, adding vibrancy to its myriad pastel buildings and cobblestone streets. The weather is just perfect, sitting around the mid-70s, so you won’t miss out on warm weather experiences only found in this stately South Carolina outpost. To experience the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the city, the fall is privileged time to go, when the Fall Tours of Homes takes place as well as Taste of Charleston, well worth going to for an array of incredible local food and drink offerings. Charleston has a genteel but buzzy vibe, a nod to the past that surges towards the future with some of the best gastronomic offerings in the US. On that note, the autumn brings with it oyster season, and Charleston is a natural home with its many marshes and creeks, beautiful coastlines create delicious, meaty and briny oysters. Try The Ordinary for amazing oyster sliders and a terrific shellfish tower. Rest up at The Belmond Charleston Place, a masterful hotel with a killer spa right in the thick of things.”

Pro Tip: “Don’t miss out on sunrise over the waterfront – take to the street early at Waterfront Park, soaking up the tranquility of the city before it rises – it’s a special way to take in Charleston’s history-soaked streets. A perfect time for reflection, watch the sun majestically rise over the water. If you have time, take a boat cruise through marshlands for a half-day kayak or canoe tour and hire a guide – be on the lookout for dolphins, manatees and pelicans and careen through oyster beds and other lovely flora and fauna – well worth the time.”

Where: North Conway, New Hampshire

Recommended by: Jess Ann Kirby, Lifestyle and Travel Blogger at JessAnnKirby.com

Why: “The foliage in North Conway will literally stop you in your tracks. You can still take in some of the most beautiful scenery in New England without crowds.”

Pro Tip: “Head up midweek and take an early morning drive along the Kancamangus Highway. Stop along the way at the Rocky Gorge Scenic Area and then indulge in pancakes at Flapjack’s. Skip the hotel and rent an AirBnB to really feel like a local during your stay.”

Where: Colombia

Recommended by: Sinuhe Xavier, Director and Photographer

Why: “Colombia is already beautiful, seeing it by motorcycle makes it even more immersive. Colombia has two seasons the rainy season and the dry season. Late fall is the end of the rainy season keeping the dust down with intermittent showers and temperatures somewhat bearable.”

Pro Tip: “Hire Mauricio Escobar from Elephant Expeditions and ride from Bogota to Puerto Carreno on the border with Venezuela.”

Where: Yosemite National Park

Recommended by: Lucie Josma, Miss Jetsetter

Why: “Yosemite National Park is one of the most picturesque destinations I’ve been to, and even better its chock full of perfect fall activities to keep you busy for as many days as you’d like. My very favorite activities are horseback riding, boating, hiking and camping out with a group of friends. While visiting I love staying at The Pines Resort, which is a short drive to the Southern entrance of Yosemite National Park and offers boating and canoeing along Bass Lake just steps from your room.”

Pro Tip: “Make sure to head out to explore the park as early (5 am – 6 am) as possible to beat the crowds. And when it’s time to wind down make sure to try the Madera Wine Trail, where you can taste some of the amazing wines California has to offer.”

Where: Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Recommended by: Jade Broadus, Travel Writer and Photographer

Why: “Once the calendar turns to September all of England is at a much slower pace and getting out of the bigger cities and into the countryside is an absolute joy – and you might even be the only visitors around for miles. From Manchester, Snowdonia National Park is about two and a half hours away by car, although you’ll want to stop many times along the way to your final destination. This is one of those trips that is all about the journey – with highlights of hiking to the highest peak in the British Isles (outside of Edinburgh), surfing in the Irish Sea, snapping photos of puffins, and waking up to the sounds of sheep. Plan an overnight at the Wes Anderson-esque Royal Victoria Hotel or camp along one of the lakes.”

Pro Tip: “Not sure you have what it takes to drive in England? Not to worry. There are trains and buses that take you into Snowdonia quite easily. Otherwise, rent the car and plan your trip in a counter clockwise direction from Manchester, ending your journey in London. You’ll be able to hit all the high points in the national park, plus see a few other sites along the way.””

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