How to Avoid Travel Disasters

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Everyone looks forward to their next vacation, but it’s hard not to worry about what could go wrong. Many times you’ll find yourself thinking, “What if?” and don’t know what you’d do if something did go wrong. Well, our PHL Airport parking company has put together a how-to guide that can help you get through a disastrous travel scenario without panicking:

You get robbed.

The last thing you want on vacation is someone to steal your money and/or valuables. To avoid this happening, make sure you keep all of the valuables you don’t need with you in a safe place like the hotel safe. Also, split up your money/credit cards between your purse/wallet, your pocket, your socks, etc. This way, if someone does make away with your purse/wallet, you’ll still have some resources.

There are also special articles of clothing designed to protect your valuables and make it hard for thieves to get them. Look into money belts, security socks, and jackets with lots of pockets.

You get sent to jail abroad.

Different countries have different rules, so before you go doing the things you may do at home, check to see what the laws are like in your destined country. If you still end up in a legal problem and get sent to jail, contact the nearest consulate or embassy. They’ll make sure you get access to legal counsel.

Your trip gets canceled because of a natural disaster.

If you plan a vacation in another country, check to see if there’s a time that natural disasters tend to strike. Many times, cruise lines will offer cheap deals during hurricane season because people don’t want to risk a hurricane canceling their trip.

If you want to take advantage of low prices, make sure you invest in travel insurance. If your trip gets canceled and you don’t have travel insurance, check the policy of your cruise line, hotel, resort, or other accommodations.

You lose your passport abroad.

Don’t worry – this isn’t as bad as it may seem. If you lose your passport while in a foreign country, contact the nearest embassy. They will help you get a temporary passport – just make sure you have some sort of backup identification, like your driver’s license. You’ll probably have to pay a fee, so make sure you also have some cash with you.

If all of these things were stolen from you, you’ll still be able to get back home. Just make sure you get a copy of the police report to give to the embassy.

Your hotel reservation is lost.

The first rule of reservations is to always have proof that you made one. If you made your hotel reservation online, print out the confirmation letter. If you made it over the phone, have the person email you the confirmation. As long as you have proof, the hotel should be able to accommodate you. If you don’t, you may get stuck having to find another hotel.

You get injured/sick abroad.

If you come down with a simple cold or scrape your leg on a rock, you’ll be able to find medicine and/or some bandages at a local pharmacy. If you’re in a much more serious situation, however, ask your hotel concierge for a doctor recommendation. You can also look online for English-speaking doctors or contact the local embassy for help.

The embassy should make sure that you get the proper care and have the right funds for hospitalization.

Your airline loses your luggage.

Start by checking the other luggage carousels to see if anyone left a bag behind – they may have mistaken yours for theirs and you can contact them. If there are no unclaimed bags, inform the airline that your luggage is lost and give them a detailed description of what it looks like, what’s inside, and the address of where you’ll be staying. After that, inform the place you’re staying of the situation.

To make things easier if your luggage gets lost, keep a printed copy of your itinerary and your phone number inside the bag’s front pocket. This way, it will be easy to reach you.

You crash your rental car.

Before you leave the rental car lot, make sure you know your insurance situation. Many times your credit card or your auto insurance policy will cover a rental car. If not, however, you may want to purchase insurance through the company.

Ask the company what the best thing to do is if you get into an accident. If an accident does occur, file a police report and make sure you get a copy. If your situation lands you in trouble, you can always contact the local consulate or embassy.

You pay way too much for PHL Airport parking.

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