Travel Habits: Men vs. Women

men vs. women travel

At our PHL Airport parking company, we always think it’s interesting to compare the travel habits of men and women. We decided to scour the Internet for surveys that would give us some insight on the differences between genders, and here’s what we found:

Trip Planning

  • 55% women will plan a trip themselves, while only 42% of men will do the same.
  • The first task for women is pack, while the first task for men is book a hotel.
  • 54% of men wait until the day before to pack while only 46% of women do the same.
  • 57% of men are willing to book a trip to visit friends or family while 64% of women will do the same.

On a Flight

  • Men prefer the aisle seat while women prefer the window seat.
  • Women are more likely to check a bag and men are more likely to carry on.
  • When it comes to entertainment, men prefer watching news and sports while women prefer watching a movie.

Free Time

  • Men prefer watching TV and playing sports while women prefer lounging or sightseeing.
  • Women prefer guided tours while men prefer independent travel.


  • When it comes to business travel, men prefer a hotel with a good location while women prefer a hotel with good service.
  • Men have a higher demand for a hotel room design that meets their needs.


  • Women will spend more on shopping and sightseeing while men will spend more on accommodations and dining.
  • Men spend an average of $47 per month on travel, while women spend an average of $39 per month.

Vacation Habits

  • Women vacation every 10 months while men vacation every 12 months.
  • On average, men take more vacation days than women  per year.
  • When it comes to traveling solo, 20% of men are willing to do so while only 13% of women are willing.
  • 35% of men said they would be willing to work weekends for a month in order to take an extra vacation. On the other hand, 31% of women said they would be willing to sacrifice a month’s expenses of make-up and accessories to do the same.