How to Tip in Various Countries

tipping while abroad

Eating out is one of the most exciting things to do while traveling – especially if you’re in a different country. However, dining is a different experience all over the world, and it may be hard to know how much you should tip your waiter or waitress (of if you should tip at all). Here’s a quick guide from our PHL Airport parking members on tipping while abroad:


Average tip amount: 10%-15%

Many Australian restaurants and bars expect a 10%-15% tip for good service.


Average tip amount: 15%-20%

Dining in Canada is just like dining in the U.S. – tips aren’t usually included, so they are expected at the end of a meal or drinks.


Average tip amount: None

Restaurants and bars in China don’t expect any sort of tip. If you really want to tip, however, make sure it’s for exceptional service or for luxuries.


Average tip amount: 10%

Many places in France will include a standard “service charge,” but locals still tip up to 10% more than their check total. If you’re visiting, however, you’re not expected to leave a tip.


Average tip amount: 10%-15%

Just like the U.S., a tip added to your food or drink check total is encouraged.


Average tip amount: 15%

Some restaurants in India include a “service charge.” This includes the tip amount. If you aren’t charged a service charge, however, tips are encouraged.


Average tip amount: 10%

Wherever you dine in Italy, a 10% tip is customary. Don’t leave any more than that, however, or it’s considered rude.


Average tip amount: None

Like China, most areas of Japan don’t expect you to tip after your meal. If you really want to tip, tip for exceptional services or luxuries.


Average tip amount: 10%-15%

Wherever you dine in Mexico, be sure to leave a tip for good service.


Average tip amount: 10%

In restaurants throughout Spain, it’s customary to leave a tip about 10% of your food or drink check.

The U.K.

Average tip amount: 10%-15%

Many restaurants include a “service charge,” but if you dine at a place without one, tips are encouraged. Some places offer an “optional” charge, which, if you accept, includes the tip.