Fun Facts about Philadelphia International Airport

PHL airportAt our PHL parking facility, we’re quite familiar with Philadelphia International Airport, including the fact that it’s one the busiest airports in the U.S. You may have already known that, but here are some fun facts about PHL that you may not know:


  • The land that PHL sits on used to be referred to as Hog Island, supposedly named for the pigs in the area that local residents let roam free.
  • Charles Lindbergh, a famous American aviator, dedicated the site as the “Philadelphia Municipal Airport” in 1927.
  • PHL didn’t have an actual terminal building until 1940.
  • The site was used as a training airfield by both the Pennsylvania National Guard (beginning in 1925) and the United States Army Air Forces (during World War II).
  • “Philadelphia Municipal Airport” became “Philadelphia International Airport” in 1945 when American Overseas Airline began offering flights to Europe.
  • In 1998, PHL created “Art at the Airport,” which showcases rotating art exhibits throughout the year.


  • PHL sits on 2,370 acres of land and has seven terminals.
  • Flights travel to and from Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East, and the U.S.
  • Fifteen major airlines (and several connection brands) service travelers at PHL.
  • There are four separate runways at PHL.
  • PHL is the primary international hub of US Airways.
  • “Marketplace at the Airport,” PHL’s food, beverage, and retail program, features 160 restaurants and shops.
  • Southwest Airlines and US Airways are the largest competitors at PHL.
  • Over 30,000 passengers travel through the airport each year.

Recent Awards

  • The “Preparedness, Health and Safety Award” from The American Red Cross
  • The “Business & Arts Partnership Award” for PHL’s acclaimed Exhibitions Program
  • The “Waste Watcher Award” from The Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania
  • “Employer of the Year” by the Women’s Transportation Seminar
  • The “Ambassador Award” in support of COMTO’s (Conference of Minority Transportation Officials) goals and missions.
  • “Airport with the Best Concessions Management Team” by Airport Revenue News