Don’t Forget About Travel Forums


Have you ever planned a trip and discovered that some of the things you were looking forward to most weren’t really worth the effort? If you’re not one to check travel forums or review websites before you set off on vacation, you may want to change that.

Today, travelers flock to several different websites to share their experiences and before you finalize plans for your trip, it could be helpful to check them out:


Trip Advisor is one of the most popular go-to travel websites for reviews and it can come in pretty handy when it comes to hotels, activities (such as museums, walking tours, landmarks, etc.) and overall destination ideas. Simply type in what you’re looking for and where and you’ll not only find a list of matches, but you’ll also find each match has a rating and reviews. You can also find an array of discussion forums for planning tips.


Fodor’s is great when you’re not sure where to go on your next vacation or cruise. Simply type in each of your options and you’ll find tips for when to go, how to get around, places to explore, and more. The website also has have helpful articles like “20 Places to See Abroad Before You Die” or “10 Best Stargazing Sites in the U.S.” for inspiration.

Lonely Planet

While Lonely Planet can be used by anyone, it’s frequented more by younger travelers who aren’t looking for a luxury vacation. The forum gives you the option to buy travel guides and books, search for adventure tours, find “best of” destinations, and explore hotel and rental car options. You’ll also find articles with helpful travel tips and hacks.


Yelp is known as the go-to website for restaurant reviews. Simply type in a specific restaurant name or what kind of restaurant you’re looking for (“dive bar,” “Mexican”, “cheap dinner”, etc.) and where, and you’ll get a list of spots to consider. You’ll also be able to see each listing on a map and use a filter to narrow down the search by price range, food category, features (take-out, kid-friendly, etc.), distance, and more.


Frommer’s has been a name associated with travel for years, and their website works hard to encompass all aspects of it. You’ll find destination information, trip ideas, hotel ratings, deals and news, discussion forums, and a wide array of paperback and e-book travel guides from the company.

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