The Headliner Award for PHL

GPHA awardRecently, Philadelphia International Airport received the Headliner Award from the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association. The GPHA hands out the Headliner Award to an organization that “works to promote, preserve and revitalize Philadelphia as a destination.”

How It Was Earned

The award was given to PHL because of the airport’s initiatives in hospitality and improving the overall impression it gives to visitors. When a person visits the airport, they are greeted by friendly staff members, are able to learn about Philadelphia, and can experience the culture of the airport’s art program. It was also awarded because of the new services it offers, such as Spirit Airlines’ new service to Dallas-Fort Worth, Las Vegas and Myrtle Beach; JetBlue’s service to Boston; and service to Doha by Qatar Airlines.

In a press release from PHL, CEO Mark Gale said, “I like to say that hospitality starts at the Airport, and we are proud of the important role PHL plays in forming impressions of our City and region and strive every day to make sure every visitor leaves here with a positive image.”


The Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association began in 1988 and is the main advocate for the hotel industry in the Philadelphia region. The association grows in membership every year and focuses on “civic representation, education efforts, community partnerships, and increased marketing presence.