8 U.S. Winter Getaway Ideas

OrlandoWinter is in full swing (especially here in the Philadelphia area), and to take a break from slippery roads and being snowed in, millions of people will be planning a getaway during the cold winter months. If you’re looking for one of your own, check out these eight that our PHL parking members recommend:

1) Orlando, Florida

What better place to shake off the winter blues than to head to one of the warmest states in the U.S.? With Disney World and Universal Studios close by, Orlando has a wide variety of hotels and something for the entire family to do.

2) New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’re traveling a little later in the winter season, celebrate Mardi Gras in the country’s most popular city for the event. Before then, head down to the Big Easy to experience a unique culture, tasty cuisine, and plenty of music.

3) Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas may not be the warmest place to jet-set to, but it certainly is a getaway. With a near endless amount of sights, casinos, and shows, you’ll always have something to do or see. Plus, many hotels offer getaway deals during the winter months.

4) Los Angeles, California

With shopping, beaches, sunshine, food, and modern art, Los Angeles is a great place to visit during the winter – especially if you’re on a budget, as this California city tends to be pricey. Stay on alert for hotel and flight deals during January and February.

5) Phoenix, Arizona

If you’ve never seen the scenery in the Southwestern U.S., winter is the perfect time to head down to Phoenix. The desert state gets up to temperatures over 100 in the summertime, so heading there in the colder months means you’ll enjoy temperatures in the 60s instead.

6) Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is widely known for its array of music and music festivals, and with its mild winter temperatures, this city is a perfect getaway from your daily routine. While you’re there, be sure to try to Tex-Mex cuisine.

7) Honolulu, Hawaii

When people think “winter getaway,” many think of the warm shores of Hawaii. With the appeal of friendly natives, island cuisine, and volcanoes seen nowhere else in the country, Honolulu is the most visited spot in the state.

8) Savannah, Georgia

Since many people visit Savannah during the spring and summer, winter is the perfect time to drink in the town’s Southern charm including cobblestone streets, oak trees draped with moss, and flower-filled parks.