What Not to Do at an Airport


When it comes to airports, our PHL parking members know it’s a good idea to stay alert, awake, and polite. Making the wrong impression can not only get you in trouble, but could jeopardize your chances of catching your flight. Avoid doing these things and your trip will go smoothly:


You may be tired and have some time before you board your flight, but falling asleep at an airport can cause problems. Not only do you risk sleeping through your flight, but you risk someone stealing your belongings while you’re not looking.

Say anything about weapons

This is no joke – there have been some serious consequences for people who so much as joke about a bomb or a gun. Also, don’t try to transport anything that may resemble a weapon (like a grenade alarm clock or a dynamite stick toy).

Get drunk

It’s alright to have a drink or two, but don’t overload on the alcohol. You’ll most likely end up embarrassing yourself and could ruin your chances of catching your flight.

Joke around

You may have a “great sense of humor,” but customs employees, TSA agents, and many other airport workers don’t care – and may even take your jokes the wrong way. Save yourself the trouble and stay quiet and polite.

Bring mass amounts of anything

If you try bringing home eight pounds of coffee from Columbia or bags and bags of tea leaves from Japan, you’re going to raise some eyebrows. If you don’t absolutely need an abundance of one thing, don’t bother bringing it.

Ride the conveyor belt

Don’t try to ride the luggage conveyor belt or the carousel in baggage claim. Not only will you look stupid, you’ll most likely be kicked out of the airport.

Wear the wrong clothing

Wearing clothing that is revealing, suggestive, or has foul language or inappropriate images can subject you to embarrassment and the possibility of not being allowed onto your flight. Play it safe with regular, “plain” clothing.