15 Ideas for Your Next Staycation

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While vacations are great, not everyone has the time or the money to plan something extravagant. Instead, try something else to escape for the weekend – it can be as simple as turning off your cell phone, not looking at your emails, and switching your alarm clock to “off.” Or, you can try one of these great ideas from our PHL Airport parking company that are both local and affordable:

Take a museum tour –¬†We don’t mean take just one tour of a museum – tour them all! Find an area around you with more than one museum and make a day out of going to each one.

Go on a dinner cruise – If you live near a lake or a river, you can probably find some sort of dinner cruise offering. Sign up and do something different with your Friday or Saturday night!

Host a potluck – Get your friends and family together for a big dinner and some relaxation. The best part is, everyone brings their own dish, so you don’t have to do all the cooking.

See a show – You don’t have to spend money on a Broadway production – look around for a great show at a local theater that you’d like to support.

Have a film festival – You know that long list of movies you’ve been meaning to see? Head to your nearest Redbox or sit down with Netflix and dive in for a great escape.

Go camping – Get in touch with the great outdoors – even if it’s in your own back yard. Set up the tent, build a fire, roast some marshmallows, and tell some scary stories.

Travel back in time – Find some local antique and vintage stores and take a trip back to the “old days.” You may even score a great find like a unique lamp or piece of furniture.

Explore a new city – Live near a big city that you don’t often visit? Book a hotel for Saturday night and spend the weekend exploring all the shops, sights, and cuisine it has to offer.

Learn how to make wine – Many local wineries or vineyards offer tours and wine-making classes. Look into one near you and learn something new!

Do something crazy – Pick the craziest thing you have on your bucket list and do it. Whether it’s skydiving, learning how to surf, or dancing on a bar, make it your goal to accomplish.

Go for a test-drive – You know those cars you’ve always dreamed of having but probably won’t? Spend the weekend test-driving them and live the rich life.

Visit a national park – With so many national parks in the U.S., there’s bound to be one near you. Take a trip there and do some hiking, exploring, camping, etc.

Host a board game tournament – Who doesn’t love board games? Get your family and friends together for a tournament of classics. You can even hand out prizes and create tie-breaker rules.

Build something – While you may not consider building something relaxing, you’ll be surprised at how accomplished and refreshed you feel when you’re done.

Cheer on a sports team – It’s always the time of year for sports. Find a minor league event, pick a team, and cheer for them. Look for other features like free t-shirt night or fireworks night.