5 International Travel Fees That You Can Avoid

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Traveling abroad is a fun thing to check off of your bucket list, but it can also come with charges you may not have allotted for or predicted. Before you go, our Philadelphia Airport parking company wants you to be aware of some of the international travel fees you may face and how to minimize or avoid them:

Checked Baggage

If you’re heading overseas, you’re probably going to want to take more than just a carry-on. If possible, choose a backpack as your “personal item” and fill them both to avoid checked baggage fees. Or, you can apply for a travel credit card – many of them offer perks like airline lounge access and free checked bags.

Currency Exchange

If the country you’re heading to doesn’t accept the American dollar, you’re going to have to convert some money for your trip. By exchanging your currency at the airport or at a currency exchange store near the airport, you’ll deal with the worst exchange rates. Try exchanging it at a local ATM or bank instead.


Today, many hotels include wi-fi as part of your stay. However, do your research before choosing your hotel because while many offer it, some make you pay to use it. As an alternative, you can choose to invest in a portable router and make your own hot spot.

Foreign Transactions

When you’re abroad, you’ll find that many ATMs charge a fee for usage (which is common even in the U.S.). There’s another type of fee, however, that may be charged on top of that – a foreign transaction fee. These fees usually come from your bank, so look into a bank or a travel credit card that doesn’t charge a fee.


If you’re planning on using your cell phone often while you’re abroad, check with your carrier about international roaming fees. Many carriers will charge you to access the internet, send text messages, make phone calls, and more when you’re outside the U.S., so know before you go and either choose the right mobile carrier or stick to using wi-fi.

Bonus: Airport Parking

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