5 New Companies That Help You Save on Travel

affordable travelWhether you travel a lot or want to travel more, you can always find startup companies that want to make your trip more affordable. Our PHL Airport parking company has put together a list of five new ones that can help you save on your next vacation:


Staying in a hostel or a budget hotel is one of the best ways to save money on your trip. With the WeHostels app for Android and iOS, you can book your stay at one of more than 50,000 hostels and budget hotels in 800 cities. You’ll get photos, reviews, nearby hostels, and a way to connect with other travelers.


Want to be able to rent a boat at the place you’re traveling to? With Boatbound, all you have to do is sign up with your email and you can search for a boat owner in your area who is willing to rent you their boat. There are all kinds of boats available, including yachts, sail boats, ski boats, and more. If you’re a boat owner, you can also register to rent your boat through the site.


When you travel, you probably don’t think too much about the roaming fees your cell phone provider may charge you. That’s where Roamer comes in. When you download Roamer, you’ll be able to connect your mobile phone number with a foreign SIM and make all of your calls through Roamer. The business claims you can save up to 97% on roaming charges.


For those who like to travel to exotic locations or partake in crazy adventures should check out Zozi. This website gives you deals up to 70% off on vacation packages, hotels, brand-name products, and more from around the world. You can also check out the list of Zozi “gurus” including Bear Grylls, Jimmy Chin, and more – and have Zozi notify you when an adventure with a guru is available.


If you’re a spontaneous traveler, Roomer is perfect for you. This website lets you take advantage of those who have to cancel their hotel reservations. Simply log in through Facebook or with an email address and then search through thousands of hotel reservations to find one in your area. Then, book the reservation and Roomer will transfer all of the information over to your name. You can also use the website as a seller instead of a booker.

And remember – no matter where you’re going, you can trust our PHL Airport parking company to keep your car safe while you’re there.