8 Great Places for a Solo Vacation


There are many benefits to traveling solo, from meeting new people to being spontaneous to building up your confidence (for even more, check out our 7 Benefits of Traveling Alone blog), so if you’ve never taken a solo vacation, we at our PHL Airport parking company recommend you do so. If you’re not sure where to go, there are plenty of destinations that are perfect for exploration. For example:


This Southern Ontario destination is a great city for a solo explorer. If you like public transportation, the city is very easy to get around; otherwise, it’s also a bike-friendly and walk-friendly area. After exploring the city, you can hop on a ferry to one of Toronto’s eight islands and enjoy some lush green landscape and beaches.

San Francisco

Besides the abundance of sunshine in San Francisco, you’ll find lots of beaches, restaurants, clubs, bars, and an overall city of friendly and happy people. While the weather is usually nice enough to walk, the city’s hills can be strenuous, so we recommend hopping on a bus, street car, or subway.


For a taste of a truly different culture and to meet other solo travelers, head to Bangkok, Thailand. You’ll find plenty of friendly people and have the opportunity to dive into the culture of floating markets, temples, folk music and dance, and the Thai nightlife. While the city does have subway lines, taxis are your best bet for public transportation.


If you’ve never been to Ireland, head to the capital city of Dublin for a trip alone. Because the city attracts so many visitors, you’ll be greeted by hospitable locals. Spend some time in a few of the city’s best pubs, visit a museum for some interesting history, and sit back and relax at one of the many local beaches.

New York City

If you haven’t been to New York City, try taking a solo trip there. You’ll find tons to do, from high-end shopping to Broadway theater to eateries and more. Don’t forget to relax a little in Central Park and if you’re in the mood for a history adventure, take the ferry from Ellis Island to Liberty Island and back.


This Indonesian city is one of the most popular destinations for Western solo travelers. Dive into the Indonesian culture by visiting one the many beautiful temples, hiking through the lush landscapes and forests, exploring the art markets, and more. Bali traffic tends to be heavy, so you may want to stay in an area where attractions are within walking distance.


An island country in Iceland, Reykjavik features beautiful countryside landscapes and a slew of natural wonders. Check out the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa, go whale watching, and take a horseback ride on the beach. You’ll also find that the city is full of art, good food, and a very different culture worth experiencing.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. brings together a wide variety of people, both inside the capital city and throughout its surrounding areas. With tons of museums, monuments, and memorials, the city is a great escape for a history buff. There are also plenty of bars, restaurants, and cafes along with a lively nightlife.