What You Can and Can’t Bring on Your Flight

airport security

If you’re not a frequent flier, it can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing security regulations at airports, so we’ve compiled a list of what you can and can’t bring on your PHL flight:

What You Can Bring in Carry-On

The basics: Clothing, shoes, toiletries (such as a toothbrush or comb) and accessories.

Liquids: Liquids (including gels) are allowed on a flight only if they’re in containers that are 3 ounces or smaller. All containers also have to be in a large plastic bag and separated from your other belongings so that they can be checked.

Medications: Just make sure that you have your prescription with you and try to keep your medication in its original packaging.

Baby formula/Breast milk: These items can be brought on your flight in larger quantities than 3 ounces if they are declared before you go through security.

Homemade goods: If it’s around the holidays and you’re planning on bringing homemade goods like pies or cakes, you can bring them through security, however, they may be subjected to additional screening.

What You Can’t Bring in Carry-On

Sporting goods: Baseball bats, pool cues, lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, ski poles, golf clubs, bows and arrows, etc.

Tools: Hammers, crow bars, wrenches, nails, axes, screwdrivers, hatchets, saws, etc.

Sharp objects: Razors (both disposable razors and razor tools), ice picks, box cutters, swords, scissors, meat cleavers, etc.

Guns/Firearms: These include BB guns, pellet guns, compressed air guns, ammunition, flares, gun powder, replicas, and flare guns.

Martial arts items: Brass knuckles, night sticks, throwing stars, nunchaku, stun guns, billy clubs, etc.

What You Can’t Bring at All

There are a few items that you can’t travel with at all, including:

Flammable items: Fuels, gasoline, lighter fluid, flammable paints, paint thinner, etc.

Chemicals: Liquid bleach, tear gas, batteries, chlorine, spray paint, etc.