9 Spring Break Travel Tips

spring break tips

Spring break is fast-approaching, and the members of our Philadelphia Airport parking service have some great tips to help make your vacation safer and more fun:

Browse Groupon and Living Social

If you like to travel but still want to be frugal with your funds, browse through Groupon and Living Social before you take your spring break trip. Both sites are free to join and offer an array of discounts on everything from food to activities. Search the city you’re traveling to and you may be able to save some extra cash.

Go Somewhere Different

If you still haven’t planned your spring break trip, skip the popular destinations like Miami, Punta Cana, Cancun, and the Bahamas and opt for a ski trip. States like Colorado, Vermont, and Massachusetts all boast beautiful ski resorts with plenty of things to do – and often at a cheaper price than tropical locations.

Make a Bucket List

Before you take off for your destination, get together with your friends and make a list of all the activities you want to do while you’re there. Even if you don’t get to all of them, you’ll have a handy list to refer to if you ever need something to do.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

This especially applies if you’re headed to a “classic” spring break destination (Puerto Rico, Jamaica, South Padre Island, etc.) where there will be hundreds of other spring breakers. Since spring break is the time to let loose, you never know what will happen, so make sure you keep your belongings safe. Keep your ID, credit cards, and money on you when you need them and when you don’t, lock them away in your room safe or another secure location. Also, don’t trust just anyone to look after your things.

Stay 5 Days Instead of 7

Many times, a five-day spring break trip is cheaper than week-long trip, so plan a slightly shorter adventure and use the other two days to do something else that’s fun (like head to a local theme park or bar hop in your area).

Use Apps

These days, there are apps for nearly everything, so look into the many that are in the travel category. You may find one that will help you navigate easier, call a cab quicker, track your flight, translate another language, and more.

Drive Smart

If your spring break includes a road trip, make sure you drive smart. Take turns behind the wheel so that no one gets tired or loses focus. Also, whoever is riding in the front passenger seat should stay awake with the driver; two sets of eyes are always better than one. Also try to pack lightly – the less weight in the car, the better gas mileage you’ll get.

Take Advantage of Being a Student

Many places (whether they’re bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.) offer a student discount if you show a valid ID, so bring yours with you wherever you go and ask if the place honors a discount.

Trust Your Instincts

We’re sure you’ve heard┬áplenty of horror stories involving spring break travelers, so trust your instincts when it comes to meeting new people. If the situation doesn’t feel right, take yourself out of it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.