Best U.S. Cities to Visit in the Fall


Summer is over and fall temperatures¬†are here. Like most people, our PHL parking members love getting away one last time before the winter sets in, so we’ve made a list of great American cities to head to during the autumn season:

Charleston, South Carolina

With the hottest months gone, fall is the perfect time to head to Charleston. The city is known for its historical architecture, parks full of foliage, and charming shops (not to mention the Southern hospitality). Charleston is also a great city for walking and has things to do for the whole family.

Portland, Maine

Head up to Maine during the fall and you’ll see why so many people escape to the northern state. The area is known for its lush fall foliage and harvest farmers’ markets. Plus, it’s right on the harbor so you can relax and enjoy the seafood and the salty air.

San Francisco, California

Since fall is San Francisco’s off-season, the city will be a little quieter than usual and you’ll be able to enjoy all of the unique cuisine, artsy shops, and sloped streets without an abundance of tourists. Like Charleston, San Francisco is also a great walking city.

Austin, Texas

As a university town, Austin is a great place to visit if you’re a football fan. Once fall hits, the hot summer temperatures subside and the weather is perfect for tailgating. The city is also known for its array of music genres and unique venues, so you can enjoy the music scene after the game.

Boston, Massachusetts

New England is a beautiful place to visit during the fall season – especially Boston. The city boasts lots of colorful foliage, a rich history, cafes, music, and more. You’ll find something to do for the whole family.

Savannah, Georgia

Another Southern city with charm – Savannah is a great place to go if you love ghosts. Visitors from all over visit the city every fall to learn about the history, take haunted city tours, and visit Bonaventure Cemetery. Savannah also hosts jazz and film festivals for all ages in the fall months.

Denver, Colorado

If you’re an outdoorsy type, head to Denver this fall. You’ll enjoy an incredible mountain landscape and find locals hiking and biking all over the city. Plus, the city hosts its own version of Oktoberfest and boasts The Great American Beer Festival.