Have You Discovered Google Flights Yet?

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When you want to find best price for your next flight, you probably turn to a site like Kayak, Orbitz, or Expedia. And while these sites can get the job done, there’s one that’s likely right in front of your nose that you’ve never tried: Google Flights.

Like many other websites, Google Flights lets you check one-way, round-trip, and multi-city flight prices to and from nearly anywhere in the world, but it also has a few other features to offer…

Discover Destinations

Discovering somewhere new is always exciting, and with Google Flights’ feature “discover destinations,” you can browse around the globe for a destination you’ve never been to. Just type in your preferred dates of travel, then choose a continent you want to head to. Google will show you a map with some of the most popular destinations on that continent. After that, click on a destination and you’ll get a list of the lowest available airfares and lowest available hotel prices for that destination during the dates you’ve chosen.

If you’re feeling adventurous, the discover destinations feature also gives you the opportunity to choose a destination based on your interest, such as “nature,” “honeymoon,” “sports,” and more.

Flight Tracking

Airfare prices can be unpredictable and can fluctuate from day-to-day, making it difficult to know when to book a flight. Like other third party travel sites, Google Flights gives you the opportunity to monitor the prices of specific flights so you can book when they’re at their lowest. Simply plug in your “to” and “from” destinations and the dates you want to travel, then click the “Track” button to add the flight to your list.

Google also offers a price graph that can come in pretty handy – the graph gives you the current prices of your chosen flight on the days surrounding the ones you’ve chosen. You can find out what the prices are like nearly a month before and after your trip dates so that you can choose the cheapest days to fly.

Detailed Flights

If you’re more of a planner than a spontaneous traveler, Google Flights can also help you find a specific flight based on a variety of details. Just type the dates you want to travel and where you want to fly to and you can narrow down your flight options by airline, price, duration, time, number of stops, layover airports, and more.