When to Go on a Cruise

cruise shipThese days, one of the most popular ways to vacation is on a cruise ship, but with so many destinations, it may be hard to decide when the right time to set sail is. Here are some of the best times to go:

The Caribbean

The weather is warm all year ’round in the Caribbean, so you really can’t go wrong picking a time to go. You’re likely to score some deals the beginning of December and April is one of the best months for weather, however, be aware that many spring breaks take place in April. Rainy conditions and hurricanes usually occur August through September, so keep that in mind when you’re booking your next vacation.

The Bahamas

If you want to spend time in the water, make sure you book your Bahamas cruise during warmer months, as the water tends to be cool during winter months. Hurricane season occurs late August through September, so try going in May or early June.


In Hawaii, there is a dry season and a wet season. The dry season is from April to October and temperatures range between the mid-70s and mid-80s. During the wet season, from November to March, the islands see significant rainfall (about 4 inches a month), though the weather stays warm. If you’re looking for lower prices and less of a crowd, try booking a cruise between September and mid-December.


The Alaskan cruise season is mid-May through mid-September, which means that cruise ships tend to be crowded during those months, however, they are the best months to go. The area experiences warmer temperatures in July and August, though rainfall is more significant during this time. Early May and late September are drier months, however temperatures may reach freezing.

The Mediterranean

The peak season for a Mediterranean cruise is from May until August, when the temperatures are in the 70s and 80s and there is little rainfall. This means that cruise ships will be a little more crowded. If you want to avoid the crowd, try going in March and April or September and October when the weather is a little milder.


In Mexico, hurricane season occurs July through October and the peak of tourist season is around the holidays and during winter months because of the opportunity to whale watch. To get a great deal, try booking your cruise for early November or May – the weather will still be nice but you won’t have to pay high-season prices.

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