5 Ways to Face Your Fear of Flying

fear of flying

Does the thought of being thousands of feet in the air make you want to abandon your vacation plans? Don’t worry! The members of our PHL parking company have come up with a great list of ways to face your fear of flying:

1. Sleep

Sleeping is one of the simplest solutions – when you’re asleep, you won’t be thinking about the things that scare you. Try planning flights early in the morning or late at night, when you’d usually be asleep. You’ll not only be with fewer people on the plane, but you’ll be able to sleep better.

2. Understand turbulence

Many people who are afraid of flying say that turbulence is one of the most scary parts of the flight, but that’s usually because they don’t understand why it happens. When a plane experiences turbulence, the engine isn’t stalling and it’s not running into birds – it’s flying through small pockets of air that are created by jet streams.

Jet streams are perfectly normal at heights of 30,000 and 40,000 feet, so when you feel the plane move up and down, just imagine you’re in car going over a bumpy road.

3. Meditate

If you can control your thoughts, you can avoid playing out negative scenarios in your head and escape from what’s currently going on. When something scares you, focus on something you’re looking forward to, count to 1,000, recite the alphabet backwards, or simply listen to yourself breathe. Soothing music can also help you through difficult times.

4. Avoid claustrophobia

If your fear of flying stems from being claustrophobic, book a flight that you know will be empty and spend a lot of time walking around. Or, choose a seat in the emergency exit row. You’ll have more leg room and may not feel as confined.

5. Take flying lessons

If all else fails, sign up for flying lessons. There are many programs designed specifically to ease your fear of flying. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take control and actually learn to fly a plane.