Car Rentals

PHL Parking Options

PHL Parking OptionsSince we offer the best PHL parking options, we assume you’ll be parking your car with us while you’re away. After that, you may need to rent a car once you reach your destination. Our Philadelphia Airport parking members know that there is a lot of information involved when renting a car, so we’ve put together a list to make renting a car easier:

How to Get a Good Deal

Many of today’s travel websites negotiate with car providers to get the best offers, so the easiest way to get a good deal is to browse through various websites. You can also call the provider directly to make a reservation if you have questions or need more information. Some will even give you a better deal over the phone or in person. Just remember to book your car in advance – the best deals are usually early.

Which Insurance to Use

Before you sign any paperwork, check to see if your auto insurance policy covers car rentals. If so, there’s no need to purchase extra insurance through the car provider. If your insurance policy doesn’t cover car rentals, our PHL parking members suggest you check with your credit card company. Some will offer coverage if you use your card to make your purchase.

If you don’t already have an insurance option, you can purchase insurance through the car provider. It may be costly, however, so remember: in most states, it’s mandatory for car providers to include the minimum required liability coverage in your rental agreement, which means you can always choose the minimum if you think it will be enough.

Understanding Your Rental Agreement

When you rent a car, there is a significant amount of paperwork you’ll have to read through and fill out, so it’s important to understand it thoroughly. If you have any questions or concerns, make sure you bring them up with the provider before you sign their agreement. Here are some things that our Philadelphia Airport long term parking members have found common on rental agreements:

Personal Effects Protection

Before you agree to this protection, check with your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if it covers your personal belongings while you travel. If it doesn’t and you want to protect your luggage from damage, you can opt for a Personal Effects Coverage or Protection for usually a few dollars per day.

Out-of-State Fee

If you’re planning on driving your rental car out of the state you rented it in, you may have to pay an out-of-state fee.

Drop-Off Fee

This fee sometimes applies to individuals who are dropping off their rental car at a different location than where they picked it up from.

Gas Costs

Gas costs often vary by each car provider, so make sure you understand the policy clearly to avoid extra charges. Some providers charge an initial gas fee and then allow you to use the gas that’s already in the tank, while other providers won’t charge you an initial fee, but will require you to fill the tank before you return the car.

Additional or Underage Driver Fee

An Additional Driver Fee may apply if you plan on sharing your driving time with another driver. If the other driver is underage (usually 24 years old or below), you may also have to pay an Underage Driver Fee.

Mileage Fee

Take it from our PHL parking company – before you book a rental car, think about how many miles you plan on driving it. Then, check to see what the each provider’s Mileage Fee policy is to get the best deal – some will charge you a flat rate price while others will charge you by the mile.

At Winner Airport Parking, our goal is to offer the best PHL Parking Options for our customers. Once you decide which service is best for you, feel free to make a reservation with us today.