Planning the Trip

Philadelphia Airport Parking Fees

Philadelphia Airport Parking FeesOur Philadelphia Airport long term parking members have taken many vacations and business trips, so we know that the most important part of a trip is planning it. That’s why we put together a short guide on booking your flight or hotel. We’ll tell you the best time to book, where to book, and how to get a good deal. And don’t forget about Winner Airport Parking for the best Philadelphia Airport parking fees available.

Best Time to Book

Avoid peak hours.

Because most people book flights and rooms during their free time (such as over lunch or on the weekend), many airlines and hotels will increase their prices during these times. To save money, try booking in the morning and on weekdays.

Destination factors

If your destination is a popular place during the time you’re going, (like Hawaii or The Bahamas during the winter), be sure you book your flight and hotel room early. The members of our Philadelphia Airport parking service recommend booking a flight at least a month in advance. Feel free to book your hotel room even earlier than that – most places allow you to cancel without a fee if you find a better hotel closer to your trip date.

Book on a specific night.

Airlines usually increase their airfares over the weekend and decrease them beginning Monday, which means that by Tuesday night, most have reached their lowest prices. Take advantage of this and book your flight on a Tuesday night. When it comes to hotels, however, the best night to book is a Sunday night, since it’s the end of the weekend (a hotel’s peak time).

Where to Book

Because technology has become so prominent, it’s easy to use the Internet to find a good flight or hotel room, so skip the travel agent and surf the web.

Use travel sites.

There are many travel company websites (our PHL parking favorites are Expedia or Orbitz) that let you compare airfares and hotel prices side-by-side so you can choose the best deal for your trip. Some even feature package offers, so spend some time looking around.

Keep the airport close.

When you’re booking a hotel room, check out the places closest to the airport – they are often the most affordable.

How to Get a Good Deal

As we’ve seen with our Philadelphia Airport parking customers, everyone loves getting a good deal. Try following these tips to save money:

When booking a flight:

Fly “unwanted” flights: Many people don’t like flying late at night or early in the morning, so you can save money by planning your schedule around a late or early flight.

Fly on a Wednesday: Wednesday is the cheapest day of the week to fly, followed by Tuesday and Saturday.

When booking a hotel:

Ask for a discount: Sometimes hotels have rooms they want to get rid of and will lower their rate if you politely ask for a discount.

If you have any questions about our service or Philadelphia Airport parking fees, please feel free to contact us today.