What Happens When We Detail Your Car?

car detailMany have heard the term “detail your car” but some may not know exactly what that means.¬†At our PHL parking facility, we offer a unique service – car maintenance and detailing. We can have your car fixed, inspected, or thoroughly cleaned while you’re away on vacation or on a business trip so that you come back to a car that’s as good as new.

Here’s what our Maaco experts will do when they detail your car:

Exterior Detailing

Our experts will thoroughly clean and polish the outside of your car including the paint, trim, wheels, tires, windows, and lights. After each component is cleaned and free from bugs, dirt, tar, sap, and more, we’ll use the proper type of wax to seal in your car’s paint and protect it from everyday dirt, wear, and tear. Because each car is different, it requires a different kind of clean, so we’ll decide which products and process will restore your vehicle to showroom shiny.

Interior Detailing

We know there’s no better feeling than getting into a car that has just been thoroughly cleaned and smells like new. Our experts will vacuum your carpets and seats and clean the dashboard, windows, steering wheel, center console, and doors. You’ll come back to a car that looks (and smells!) like you just bought it.

Make the most of your time away by letting us take care of your car. You’ll save time and money and most of all – it’s convenient! Make a PHL parking reservation today!